Dr Lina Mercado
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography


I teach in the following physical geography modules:


Second year 

GEO2226 -   GEO2226 - Biogeography and Ecosystems -Module leader

GEO2307 -   GEO2307B - Physical Geography) Brazil Field Trip -Module leader

GEO2331 -    Research Design in Physical Geography 

Third year

GEO3225 -    Climate change and its imapcts

GEO3321/2 - Physical Geography BSc Dissertation


International Summer school for Fullbright students


The Brazil fieldtrip and Climate Change and its imacts module have been chosen as case studies to showcase the university's Educaiton strategy (under Geography Fieldtrips and Guest lectures and collaboration in the following links)




I curently have the administrative role of head of Posgraduate Research for Physical Geography (DoPGR).


Office Hours, Term 1

Please contact me by email to book a 15 min slot

Week 1   Mo 1430-1530 , Wed 1200-1300

Week 2   







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