Dr Louisa Evans
Senior Lecturer in Human Geography


Postdoctoral researchers

Postgraduate researchers

  • Liliana Bastian
  • Pamela Buchan Investigating marine citizenship and its role in creating good marine environmental health
  • Oana Stefancu Fairness, sense of place and well-being in communities subject to government adaptation responses to climate change: a study in West Bengal


  • Philippa Cohen (PhD) The contribution of locally managed marine areas to small-scale fisheries and food security - a Solomon Islands case study. James Cook University. Completed 2011
  • Melanie Hamel (PhD) Coral reef conservation planning based on habitat, biodiversity or fisheries data: costs and benefits for traditional resource users and for conservation. James Cook University. Completed 2015. Received a commendation from the Dean.
  • Milena Kim (PhD) Species-based Prioritisation in Australia - an analysis of the political, institutional and technical factors affecting uptake. James Cook University. Completed 2013

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