Dr Luiz Aragao


My main research focus is to examine the remote sensing of tropical forest disturbances: such as deforestation, drought and fires, and on-the-ground quantification of carbon stocks and fluxes in tropical forests, specifically in Amazonia, to understand the impacts of human pressures and climate change in this ecosystem.

I was granted a Research Fellowship by NERC in 2008 to study the carbon cycling of fire-affected forests in Amazonia, bridging remote sensing analysis and field-based surveys in Amazonia (Read more about my NERC fellowship research). I formerly completed my PhD degree from Brazilian Institute of Space Research in 2004 and worked as a Posdoctoral Research Associated at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, before moving to Exeter.

My research has include a number of fieldwork campaigns in tropical forests, integration of field-based ecological data, satellite remote-sensing and ecological modelling for the understanding of spatial and temporal patterns of carbon dynamics and nutrient cycling in Amazonia and Atlantic forests, from local to regional scales.

Broad Research Specialisms:

  • Amazonia
  • Remote Sensing
  • Forest Ecology
  • Land use change
  • carbon dynamics


PhD in Remote Sensing
MSc in Environmental Sciences
BSc Ecology


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