Dr Matteo Vacchi
Lecturer in Physical Geography


Research interests

My research is mainly focused on the Quaternary evolution of the coastal zones and on the impacts of global change on both landscape evolution and ecological assemblages of littoral areas. My current fields of interest are on palaeo-environmental reconstructions, late Quaternary sea level changes, geoarchaeology, marine biogeomorphology as well as geologic and geomorphologic mapping of marine and coastal areas.

My on-going projects and collaborations are centred on the multiproxy reconstructions of the sea level evolution in the last millennia in order to better assess the future sea level scenarios in the context of the climate change.

My main geographical focus is the Mediterranean but I’m involved in several research activities along the Atlantic, Pacific, Persian and Caribbean coasts working with the French CNRS (Aix en Provence and Besancon), the  Sea Level research group of NTU of Singapore and being external member of the Sea Level and Coastal Change group at Marum, University of Bremen in Germany.


Team Leader of MOPP-MEDFLOOD Inqua Focus Group (CMP-1603P)

Research projects

Team Leader of MOPP-MEDFLOOD Inqua project (CMP-1603P)

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