Matthew Lockwood
Senior Research Fellow, Energy Policy Group


Research interests

  • Political economy of energy transitions
  • Politics of climate policy

Research projects

Innovation, Governance and Affordability for a Sustainable and Secure Economy (IGov) (2012-2016) - for more details see:

Innovation and Governance for Future Energy Systems (IGov2) (2016-2019)
IGov showed that GB's energy governance is slow at changing, including with respect to the demand side, and that GB is following a somewhat different low carbon technological path than other European countries, especially those which are most determined to meet their low carbon targets (i.e. Germany and Denmark). Energy system practice change is happening more quickly in some countries and US States with respect to technology use, new entrants, business models, customer engagement and ownership, and this system change appears to be speeding up and becoming increasingly decentralised.

Through IGov, seven issues emerged about the scale, speed and scope of changes in energy practices by new actors around the world:

  1. that there are increasingly rapid changes in many other countries, as explained above;
  2. that there appears to be a social, technical, and economic tipping point in favour of a new energy trajectory, even while energy systems remain dominated by fossil fuels;
  3. the nature of change appears to be leading to an increasingly co-ordinated but increasingly decentralised energy system; and some changes appears to have their own momentum
  4. concerns about possible disruption, either physical or economic; and whether Britain could 'manage' the transition process;
  5. questions about the nature of the future energy system;
  6. whether the form that change is taking and the types of energy governance responses in different countries are related to their differing political economy institutions; and finally
  7. concerns that the current fossil fuel disinvestment campaign will have an unexpectedly rapid impact on energy systems, with implications for governance.

IGov2 will explore these issues, and their implications for GB energy governance.


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