Professor Neil Adger
Professor of Human Geography


Postdoctoral researchers

Postgraduate researchers

  • Oana Stefancu


  • Helen Adams (PhD 2013) Migration decision-making under environmental change: place utility, mobility, and ecosystem services in highland Peru. (ESRC studentship). Now faculty member, Geography, Kings College London
  • Emily Boyd (PhD 2004) Forest post-Kyoto: Global Priorities and Local Realities. (ESRC studentship). Now Professor in Geography and Environmental Science at University of Reading
  • Marisa Goulden (PhD 2007) Livelihood diversification, social capital and resilience to climate variability in Uganda. (ESRC/NERC Interdisciplinary studentship). Now Lecturer in School of International Development at University of East Anglia, and Associate of the Tyndall Centre
  • Jennifer Hodbod (PhD 2013) Biofuels and food insecurity (ESRC studentship). Now Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
  • Aeree Kim (PhD 2003) Regime Interplay: Climate Change and Trade Regimes. Now with UNEP and International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Geneva
  • Cecilia Luttrell (PhD 2001) An Institutional Approach to Livelihood Resilience in Vietnam (ESRC studentship) Long term associate at the Overseas Development Institute, London, and the Centre for International Forestry Research, Bogor, Indonesia
  • Carla Morsello (PhD 2002) Market Integration and Sustainability in Amazonian Indigenous Livelihoods. Now an Assistant Professor in Environmental Sciences at University of Sao Paulo
  • Lars Otto Naess (PhD 2009) The role of traditional knowledge in adaptation to climate change. Now Team Leader for Climate Change and Fellow at the Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex
  • Aili Pyhala (PhD 2004) Socio-economics of biodiversity conservation and development. Now with the Ethnoecology Laboratory, Institut de Ciencia i Tecnologia Ambientals
 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  • Tara Quinn (PhD 2014) Fairness, place and identity in adaptation planning. (UEA) Now Post-doctoral Fellow in Exeter
  • Emma Tompkins (PhD 2001) Decision-making for coastal trade-offs in the Caribbean. Now Reader in Geography and Environment at University of Southampton
  • Katharine Vincent (PhD 2007) Gendered vulnerability to climate change in Limpopo Province, South Africa (ESRC studentship) Now Principal of Kulima Integrated Development Solutions in South Africa
  • James Waters (PhD 2014) Ecosystem services, resilience and climate change in urban areas (ESRC studentship)
  • Alex Winkels (PhD 2004) Migratory Livelihoods in Vietnam Now British Academy Fellow in School of International Development, University of East Anglia

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