Dr Nicole Hoellerer
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Research interests

Nicole is working on an ERC-funded research project led by Prof. Nick Gill: “ASYFAIR - Fair and Consistent Border Controls? A Critical, Multi-Methodological and Inter-Disciplinary Study of Asylum Adjudication in Europe”. This interdisciplinary study examines legal practices in asylum appeal courts in Europe, focusing on fairness and consistency in legal procedure. By exploring asylum adjudication in various EU countries (such as the UK, Germany, France, or Greece), the project aims to inform migration policy and legislation (e.g. the Common European Asylum System - CEAS). As an experienced ethnographer and qualitative researcher, Nicole conducts research in Germany, and serves as the lead researcher for ASYFAIR.

During her PhD, Nicole conducted long-term, in-depth ethnographic fieldwork and research on refugee resettlement in the UK, exploring the impact of restrictive policy and reduced service provision on resettled refugees. She critically examined humanitarianism and community development approaches in refugee camps and in the Global North, and thereby shed light on the practice/policy gap in migration policy. In addition, she explored transnationalism, socio-cultural identity, multiple belongings, agency, and forms of resistance among migrant communities.

Throughout her academic career, Nicole has advocated the need to conduct in-depth research to measure and assess the implementation of policy, and the everyday experience and effects of policy on the ground. She promotes interdisciplinary, collaborative, and multi-methodological studies, as well as the use of virtual/digital and visual research methods (e.g. film making) in social and human sciences. As an experienced language teacher, Nicole conducted research in linguistic anthropology, the anthropology of education, and the anthropology of childhood and youth.

Research projects

ASYFAIR - Research for fairer and more consistent asylum adjudication in Europe

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