Professor Patrick Devine-Wright
Professor in Human Geography


Research projects

Project Windy Isle, funded by the States of Guernsey Government on Stakeholder and Public Engagement with Offshore Wind Energy

Community Funds, collaborative research with EirGrid, the grid operator in the Republic of Ireland on the distribution of funds to communities affected by the siting of overhead power lines


Previous research grant awards

Engineering Low Carbon Coasts (EPSRC funding, with Dr. Karen Bickerstaff; Dr. Lars Johanning; Dr. Mat White and Prof. Kevin Gaston)

Public acceptance of high voltage power lines (ESRC funded PhD studentship, in collaboration with the National Grid plc., 2013-2016)

Public engagement and acceptance of marine renewable energy: a Guernsey case study (ESRC funded PhD studentship, in collaboration with the Guernsey Government, 2012-2015)

EU-Trace: European Trans-disciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering (ERC, FP7, 2012-2014)

Sustainable Grid Development: addressing the need to integrate economic, social and environmental concerns (funded by the Norwegian Research Council, 2011-2014)

Conditioning Demand: Older people, diversity and thermal experience (funded by EPSRC and EDF under the People Energy and Buildings Programme (2011-2013)

Challenging Lock-in through Urban Energy Systems (CLUES), funded by EPSRC funder the Sustainable Urban Environments programme (2011-2012)

Supergen FlexNet. (funded by the EPSRC under the Supergen programme, 2007-2012)

Beyond Nimbyism: Towards a multidisciplinary framework for understanding public engagement with renewable energy technologies ESRC/Research Council's Energy Programme, 125k of 500k, 2005-2009, Principle Investigator. This project was evaluated as 'outstanding' in the end of grant peer review by ESRC.

EU Framework 7, ADDRESS (Active distribution networks with full integration of demand and distributed energy resources),
300k of 7 million Euros, 2008-2011, Co-investigator.

Bruntwood Institute for Sustainable Cities,
£650k of £940k, 2007-2010, Co-investigator.

EPSRC, 'FlexNet', renewal of Future Network Technologies project (see below),
£625k of £7m, 2007-2011,  Co-investigator.

ESRC, under Towards a Sustainable Energy Economy research programme: "Beyond Nimbyism: Towards a multidisciplinary framework for understanding public engagement with renewable energy technologies".
£135k of £500k, 2005-2009, Principle Investigator.

EPSRC, under Supergen programme: Future Network Technologies.
£255 of £3.5m, 2003-2007, Co-investigator

EPSRC, under Sustainable Urban Environment programme: "City Form".
£400k of £2m, 2003-2007, Co-investigator.

ESRC, under Sustainable Technologies Programme: Harnessing Community Energies: Embedding Sustainable Energy Technologies at the local level.
£80k of £135k, 2004-2006, Co-investigator.

EU 5th Framework: INTUSER: Public attitudes to Energy Resources project funded by EU Framework 5.
£28K, 2002-2004, Co-investigator

EPSRC, under Partnerships for Public Understanding programme: Activity Based Sustainable Energy Futures.
£36K, 2002-2004, Co-investigator

EPSRC responsive mode: Evaluation & Dissemination of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Modelling In UK Local Authorities.
£62K, 2002-2003, Co-investigator

EU LIFE Programme: Making News: Community Sustainable Development Indicators" project.
£26K, 2002-2003, Co-investigator

Research networks

Membership of external committees (including peer review colleges)

Journal Editorial Roles

I am on the Editorial Boards of the following journals: Global Environmental Change, Energy Research and Social Science, Local Environment and Environment and Behaviour. I acted as Guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Psychology on Place and Identity in 2009-2010.

Advisory Panel Roles:

  • Jury Member, Renewables Grid Initiative Best Pratice of the Year awards (2014+)
  • National Advisory Panel on Community Engagement for EirGrid, the Irish electricity system operator (2013+).
  • DECC/DEFRA Social Science Expert Panel (2012+).
  • International Science Panel on Renewable Energy (2005-2008).
  • National Advisory Group steering the Countryside Agency’s Community Renewables Initiative (2001-2006).
  • Regional Advisory Group of East Midlands CRI (2002-2005).

Review roles

I am a member of the Peer Review Colleges of the Economic and Social Research Council and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. I have acted as an international reviewer of grant applications for funding agencies in the United States, Canada, Ireland, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I have acted as External Examiner for PhD vivas for the Open University, University of Exeter, Robert Gordon University, Cardiff University, Lancaster University, University of Sheffield, University of Melbourne and the University of South Australia.

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