Professor Paul Cloke
Professor of Human Geography


Postgraduate researchers

  • Richard Carter-White (ESRC) Photography, memory and tourist places
  • Simon Dickinson The roles of third-sector organisations (TSOs) in mid-term disaster recovery
  • Agatha Herman (University Studentship) Fairness and empowerment in the South African wine industry
  • Cath Johnston (ESRC) Animals and relationships of dwelling
  • Dean Meadows (GWR and OC Robotics Ltd) Developing new methodologies and approaches to the spaces of human-robot interaction gap
  • Jessica Pykett (ESRC) Citizenship and education (University of Bristol)
  • Louise Rutt (University Studentship) New practices of giving
  • Vanessa Stevens (ESRC) Childrens' geographies of exclusion
  • Sian Taylder There's God in them there Hills: Encounters with the Spiritual Landscape
  • Sarah Tupper (ESRC) the experiences of longer phase recovery for older people post-disaster
  • Lindsay Whetter Faith-based Organisations in Prisons: An ethnographic exploration of Kainos, HMP The Verne
  • Sunnie Wu


  • John Canning (PHD 2003) (ESRC) Multi-cultural ruralities
  • Carl Cater (PhD 2001) (ESRC) Embodiment and adventure tourism
  • David Conradson (PhD 2001) (University Studentship) Spaces of care in the city
  • Richard Head (PhD 2001) (ESRC) Rurality and idyll in Australia
  • John Horton (PhD 2004) (ESRC) Children and consumption
  • Rachel Hughes (PhD 2005) (ESRC) The New Deal in rural areas
  • Dave Land (PhD 2005) (ESRC) Geographies of charity
  • Judith Lawlor (PhD 2006) (ESRC) Sustainable gardening
  • Simon Narbeth (PhD 2003) (University Studentship) Geographies of food and vulnerability
  • Gunnpora Olafsdottir (PhD 2007) (University Studentship) Nature's aura in Icelandic tourism (University of Bristol)
  • Caroline Scarles (PhD 2006) (ESRC) Visuality and tourist performance
  • Jessica Sellick (PhD 2005) (ESRC) The animality of cows
  • Sergei Shubin (PhD 2004) (University Studentship) Rural poverty and development
  • Louise Smith (PhD 2002) (ESRC) Adventurous tourism places
  • Kieron Stanley (PhD 2004) (ESRC) Regulating the immutable mobiles of olive oil
  • John Wylie (PhD 2001) (ESRC) Landscape and ways of seeing

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