Dr Rebecca Sandover
Associate Research Fellow


Research projects

Thesis Title: Doing Food-Knowing Food: An exploration of allotment practices and the production of knowledge through visceral engagement-

Funding Body: I am a recipient of a Geography, University of Exeter, bursary. This has led to teaching opportunities throughout the Geography department, including achieving a LTHE qualification.

Project Description

This research focused on two case-studies in Somerset which directs the lens of enquiry onto participants growing their own produce, as part of Local Food Projects. Through this I investigated- How practical knowledge is enacted through embodied practices on the plots- How this study extends knowledge of material, visceral encounters -How allotment practices explore alternative food practices through emplaced, visceral methods -How such an investigation extends understandings of agency in nature-society relations -How qualitative research practices can be extended to include cooking methods.


RGS Conference 2011 - Community Groups Growing Veg: Re-skilling and Reconnection through Allotments
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