Professor Richard Brazier
Professor of Earth Surface Processes


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Donna Carless Associate Research Fellow, Dartmoor Peatland Project
  • Miriam Glendell Associate Research Fellow and Project Manager, Defra soil erosion project
  • Emilie Grand-Clement Associate Research Fellow, SWW-funded 'Evaluating the benefits of Upstream Thinking' project
  • Naomi LeFeuvre Associate Research Fellow, South West Water-funded 'Determining the potential of peatland restoration for carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation' project
  • David Luscombe Associate Research Fellow, South West Water-funded 'Understanding the impacts of mire restoration on hydrology and water resources' project
  • Alan Puttock Associate Research Fellow, Devon Wildlife Trust-funded 'Quantifying the impacts of reintroducing the Eurasian Beaver in England' project

Postgraduate researchers

  • Josie Ashe EPSRC-funded, Real-time predictions of water quality
  • Mike Bell NERC-funded, Are the south west UK's uplands beyond the critical climatic threshold for carbon sequestration?
  • Pia Benaud Defra-funded, Towards a national scale understanding of soil erosion in England and Wales
  • Andrew Cunliffe NERC algorithm studentship. Impacts of fluvial land degradation on the spatial dynamics of soil organic carbon.
  • Nicola Ellis Devon Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, UoE funded, Can unimproved grasslands deliver natural flood management alongside environmental benefits?
  • Joel Forsmoo James Hutton/UoE-funded. Using aerial imagery to identify multiple functions and services from agricultural systems.
  • Guy Freeman Quantifying the effects of moorland restoration on parasite communities and sward quality.
  • Hugh Graham Devon Wildlife Trust/UoE-funded. The River Otter Beaver Trial
  • Matt Turley NERC-funded. Developing a biomonitoring tool to identify and quantify the impacts of particulate matter in freshwater ecosystems.


  • Gary Bilotta DEFRA funded PhD project. The mobilisation and transport of sediments, colloids and phosphorus from intensively managed, temperate grasslands. Lead supervisor with Haygarth, IGER
  • Claire Boulter NERC funded PhD project. Reconstructing the palaeoenvironmental dynamics of East Central Texas since the Last Glacial Maximum. Departmental supervisor with Bateman, Sheffield
  • Holly Croft NERC funded project. Hyperspectral, directional reflectance measurements for monitoring soil degradation. Co-supervisor with Anderson, Geography, Exeter
  • Clare Deasy EPSRC funded PhD project. Effects of Scale on Phosphorus Transfer in Small Agricultural Catchments. Lead supervisor with Heathwaite, Lancaster.
  • Leon DeBell Co-supervisor with Anderson (ESI) on Technology Strategy Board ‘QuestEarthWater’ project
  • Adebayo Eludoyin Funded by the Nigerian Government. Modelling patterns of hysteresis at the farm-scale. Lead supervisor with Quine,Geography, Exeter
  • Naomi Gatis UoE bursary with South West Water. Determining the potential of peatland restoration for carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation. Co-supervisor with Anderson and Hartley, Geography, Exeter
  • Miriam Glendell UoE bursary with the National Trust and EA. A PhD study to determine the effectiveness of the ecosystem management approach to deliverwater quality improvements on the Holnicote Estate. Lead supervisor
  • Lan Hoang EPSRC studentship. Developing a regional model(RWSM) that simulates regional water resources system behaviour and failure modes under ensembles of climate change and demand projections. Co-supervisor with Dessai, Geography, Exeter
  • Christopher Hutton UoE funded project (EGF). Meso-scale semi-arid landscape change in the American Southwest. Joint-supervisor with Nicholas, Geography, Exeter
  • Tom Jenkins Primary-supervisor on SWW-funded Mires projects
  • Brett Korteling UoE Science strategy studentship. Using Info-Gap DecisionTheory for Water Resources Management under Severe Uncertainty. Co-supervisor with Kapelan, Exeter and Dessai, Leeds
  • Shuming Liu Co-supervisor (with Heathwaite, Lancaster) on DEFRA funded PIT postdoctoral project.
  • David Luscombe UoE bursary with South West Water. Understanding the impacts of mire restoration on water quality. Lead supervisor with Anderson, Geography, Exeter
  • Kim Mack NERC CASE funded project. Multi-scale predictions of soil erosion and water quality from intensively managed grasslands. Lead supervisor with Macleod, North Wyke Research
  • Paul McKenna Co-supervision (with Heathwaite, Lancaster) of Postdoctoral researcher on DEFRA funded PIT project extension
  • Sabine Peukert NERC CASE PhD project. Impacts of farm-scale ecosystem management on water quality in intensively managed grasslands.
  • Cristinel Putinica Primary-supervisor on Defra funded National Soil erosion project.
  • Alan Puttock UoE bursary with North Wyke Research. Developing an understanding of vegetation change and carbon budgets in semi-arid environments. Lead supervisor with Bol, North Wyke Research
  • Michael Scharer Co-supervision (with Heathwaite, Lancaster) of Postdoctoral researcher on DEFRA funded PEDAL project
  • Paul Scholefield Co-supervision (with Heathwaite, Lancaster) of Postdoctoral researcher on DEFRA funded PEDAL project
  • Charlotte Teague Cefas-funded - Environmental controls on shellfish pollution, lead supervisor with Tyler, Biosciences, Exeter
  • Laura Turnbull University funded PhD project. Ecohydrological interactions across a semi-arid grassland to shrubland transition. Co supervisor with Wainwright, Sheffield

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