Dr Rich Gorman
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Research interests

Rich’s research operates at the intersection between critical health geography and animal geography.

Rich’s research at present has involved exploring the dynamic interrelations between health and place, particularly, the roles of animals within various caring and health-promoting practices, seeking to understand how human-animal relations can affect people’s and animals' capacities to thrive and flourish.

However, rather than retaining an anthropocentric focus, Rich’s research has also made efforts to consider non-humans’ experiences of interspecies therapeutic practices, exploring both the often-troubling humanism of the way in which interspecies therapeutic practices are framed and performed, but also questioning whether animals may benefit in certain ways from their relations with humans and considering the ways in which care for humans and non-humans can be brought together.

As well as these main themes of health and human-animal relations, Rich is also involved with work which explores:

  • Sensory Geographies – Particularly, the links between embodied experiences of soundscapes and smellscapes, and a sense of wellbeing.
  • Geographies of Alternative Food Networks – Particularly, the roles and places that animals occupy within this niche and alternative agricultural model.
  • The influence of technology on qualitative research practices – Particularly, the different means, modes, and methods through which fieldnotes are practiced and constituted.

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