Dr Robert Barnett
Research Fellow


I am an Earth-system scientist with a specialism in sea-level research. A significant component of my work focuses on reconstructing past sea-level changes using proxy data. This includes the application of salt-marsh foraminifera and testate amoebae as sea-level indicators, which are suitable for generating precise, high-resolution sea-level records for the Holocene. These records are interrogated for signals that relate to isostacy (e.g., glacio-isostatic adjustment), ocean volume changes (e.g., ice-melt flux) and ocean mass redistribution (e.g., via ocean-atmosphere circulation processes). My keen interest in the use of quantitative statistics helps in determining and quantifying the amplitudes and rates of reconstructed sea-level trends. This work is designed to improve our understanding of how different mechanisms contribute to past and ongoing sea-level changes so that we can better predict regional patterns of future sea-level rise.

Having qualified in Environmental Geoscience at Cardiff University, and later in Physical Geography at the University of Plymouth, I have developed broad interests in palaeoceanography, palaeoclimatology and palaeoecology. As a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, I am involved in a suite of multi-disciplinary projects that derive from ongoing international collaborations. These include sea-level research projects based in South Africa, the U.S.A. and the Mediterranean, a palaeoecology project based in South America and several palaeotidal modelling projects. I also enjoy teaching at Exeter and have contributed to modules on study skills, palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, Quaternary history and peatland ecosystems.

Broad research specialisms

Sea-level research; Quaternary landscapes and stratigraphy; Palaeoecology; Microfossil analysis; Quantitative statistics


Ph.D. Geography, Plymouth University

M.E.Sci. Environmental Geoscience, Cardiff University

Contact details

Tel+44 (0)1392 725892
AddressAmory Building
University of Exeter
Rennes Drive

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