Dr Sam Kinsley
Lecturer in Human Geography

External responsibilities

Awards/Honorary fellowships

Recipient of the Progress in Human Geography Best Paper Prize 2015.

Committee/panel activities

Member of the AHRC Peer Review College 2015-2018.

Member of the review panel for demonstrations and posters, Association of Computing Machinery Conference on Designing Interactive Systems 2012, Newcastle.

Member of the advisory board for the EPSRC-funded ‘Creativity Greenhouse: Sense-making representation of a Technologically Enabled Society (SeRTES)’ project.

Invited lectures & workshops

2018 "Worrying realites: spatial theory for 'digital' geographies", Keynote lecture for IRS Spring Academy 2018 Investigating Space(s): Current Theoretical and Methodological Approaches: Virtuality and Socio-Materiality, Einstein Center Digital Future, Berlin, 23rd May.

2016 "An algorithmic imaginary: anticipation and stupidity", Living with Algorithms, Royal Holloway University of London, 9th June.

2016 "An algorithmic imaginary: anticipation and stupidity", Institute for Science, Innovation and Society, University of Oxford, 3rd May. 

2016 "Prosethetic stupidity, or world-ing by numbers", presented at Researching Alternative Worlds: New political orientations in Geography, University of Bristol, 27th April.

2015 "The pharmakon of paying attention" presented at The Politics and Economics of Attention, Behaviour Change & Psychological Governance Seminar Series (seminar 6), University of Bristol, 14th December.

2013 "Using social media in risk identification and communication", presented to General Scientific Advisory Committee and the FSA’s communications and policy team.

2013 ‘Designing with fiction’, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Research Seminar, University of Edinburgh, 25th January.

2012 ‘Design Fiction’, within the ‘Smart Cities’ workshop, part of the ‘Open City’ programme for Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, held at the Design Institute Guimarães (Portugal), 15th July.

2012 ‘Ten things I have learned about anticipating technology futures’, part of the ‘10 things I learnt’ event, Design Wales Forum, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, 9th March.

2012 ‘Desiging with fiction’, Pervasive Media Studio Friday lunchtime talk series, Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, Bristol, 10th February.

2011 ‘Access & attention: commodities of the digital economy’, Computer-Mediated Living Research Group, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, 9th August.

2010 ‘A brief history of the future of pervasive media’, Pervasive Media Studio Friday lunchtime talks series, Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, Bristol, 14th May.

2009 ‘A short history of the future of computing’ presented in the School of Geographical Sciences Roberts Skills Workshop series, University of Bristol, 17th February.

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