Sarah Shannon
Associate Research Fellow


Research interests

Before joining Exeter University, Sarah worked on the EU project ice2sea ( This project provided estimates of sea level rise for the next 200 years. Her role was to develop a parameterisation to represent the basal siding process that occurs when melt water lubricates the bed of an ice sheet. The parameterization was used to estimate future sea level rise from the Greenland sheet due to basal sliding.

Sarah was a PhD student and Early Stage Researcher within the GREENCYCLES-Marie Curie Training Network ( She developed a dust cycle model to predict the emission and transport of desert dust in the atmosphere. She used the model to investigate whether an expansion of the Sahara could explain the four-fold increase in dust concentrations measured at Barbados during the 1980s relative to the 1960s.

Sarah first became interested in climate change research while researching a Masters in Galway.  There she was involved in monitoring PM2.5 aerosols at the Mace Head Atmospheric Research station (

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