Dr Sean Carter
Associate Professor in Political Geography


Research interests

Sean’s research interests lies at the intersection of cultural and political geography. In particular, research has been undertaken in the area of popular culture and geopolitics, most prominently to date through an engagment with film and geopolitics. He has most recently been engaged in a major ESRC-funded project on 'Ludic Geopolitics', and is also conducting research on photojournalism as a particular way of framing and reporting on global geopolitical moments (specifically the early Cold War).

Past research has included the investigation of the involvement of Croatian diasporic networks in the independence movement within Croatia, based on a period of research amongst Croatian-Americans residing in Pittsburgh. The research specifically sought to question common-place assumptions about the nation, diaspora and territoriality, and argued that an appreciation of the geo-politics of diaspora is required in order to best understand the spatialities of transnational communities. This work has been extended to look at the ways in which diasporic communities are involved in re-shaping formal political processes (such as voting), notions of citizenship, and ethical geographies of care and concern.


Sean is a member of the department’s Space, Politics & Society research group. Sean is a past Chair of the RGS/IBG Political Geography Research Group.

Research projects

2013-2015 ‘Ludic Geopolitics‘ funded by the ESRC (Co-I), working with Dr Tara Woodyer, Portsmouth University (PI), Prof Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway (CI), Dr Phil Kirby (Exeter) and Dr Diana Martin (Portsmouth)

Project blog: http://ludicgeopolitics.wordpress.com/


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