Professor Stewart Barr
Director of Education and Professor of Geography


Postdoctoral researchers

Postgraduate researchers

  • Ahmed Bangura 'Sustainable diamond mining in Sierra Leone'.
  • Pamela Buchan
  • Harry Hilser 'Empathizing With Nature - Underpinning the Essence of Conservation Advocacy'. Jan 2014-present. The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Rachel Manning
  • Colin Nolden 'Embedding sustainability through community energy projects in the South West'. October 2009-present. University CCSF Award.
  • Samantha Parnell 'Social Marketing for Physical Activity: encouraging sustainable patterns of physical activity and health in children'. January 2010-present. ESRC CASE Award.
  • Rebecca Pearce 'A grounded theory of water practices in the home'. ESRC CASE Award
  • Susan Warren 'The role of wildlife attractions in supporting environmentally responsible behaviours'
  • Cheryl Willis 'Harnessing nature's benefits: problems and prospects for recognizing the environmental basis of regional tourist economies'. October 2009-present. ESRC CASE Award.
  • Lewis Winks 'Evaluating real-world experiential learning for sustainability'
  • Julie Wooler 'Social Marketing for Tourism: a destination-based approach for encouraging sustainable leisure travel'. October 2009-present. ESRC CASE Award.


  • Jenny Barnett 'Tourism, community and sustainability: exploring the impact of second home ownership for developing sustainable communities'. October 2009-present. ESRC CASE Award.
  • Gwen Harvey 'Wellbeing and sustainable transitions in a community context'

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