Dr Stuart Daines
Research Fellow


My overall research interest is in understanding the coevolution of life and the physical environment, focussing on understanding the links between marine ecology and biogeochemistry.

Biochemical processes such as oxygenic photosynthesis are linked to the biosphere and physical Earth System by a hierarchy of processes on scales from the molecular biology of the cell through organisms and ecosystems to geochemistry. Evolutionary ecology is then key to understanding how global properties such as atmospheric oxygen level and element cycling arise as emergent properties from natural selection and physiological, biochemical and biophysical constraints at lower levels, and geochemistry at large scales. My work uses models from simple box models to agent-based computational models to ultimately seek to understand overall organising principles for ecosytem structure and function in the Earth system.


BA (Cambridge)

PhD (Cambridge)

Contact details

Internal tel2633
Tel+44 (0) 1392 722633
AddressLaver Building
University of Exeter
North Park Road

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