Dr Ted Feldpausch
Senior Lecturer

External responsibilities

Awards/Honorary fellowships

ASPIRE/HEA Senior Fellowship

External positions

Affiliated professor at the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA), Brazil, Tropical Forest Science post-graduate program.

Affiliated professor at the University of Mato Grosso State (UNEMAT), Brazil, Ecology and Conservation post-graduate program.

Invited lectures & workshops

2006-present, Assist in development of RAINFOR and ForestPlots.net initiatives, each with 100’s of partners in science, forestry, conservation, departments across the tropics 

2017, 'Colombia-BIO NERC Newton Fund Workship', Bogota, Colombia​

2014, 15, Public lectures (in Portuguese) at Nova Xavantina, Brazil: Effects of multiple droughts in Amazonia

2012, 'Carbon balance of tropical forests' Environmental Protection Agency, Guyana

2012, 'Quantifying carbon stocks in tropical forests: integration of tree height and use of the forestplots.net database' Guyana Forestry Commission, Guyana

Media Coverage

Global trait–environment relationships of plant communities (2018) EurekAlert! 

Compositional response of Amazon forests to climate change (2018) Independent, Brazil G1, Holland, Germany, China

Brazil’s actual forest-related CO2 emissions could blow by Paris pledge (2018) Mongabay

Record Amazon fires and degraded forests (2017) Mongabay

Persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition (2017) BBC, The Atlantic, Science Daily, Univ. ExeterNYT

Tropical rainstorms and a wobbly rope bridge in the cloudy treetops (2017) Eden Project

Record heat and drought seen in Amazon during 2015-16 El Niño (2017) Mongabay

Amazon forest response to repeated droughts (2016) BBCUniv. ExeterMongabayEl Colombiano (Spanish), Trouw (Dutch) [embed:41]

Most accurate picture yet of how the Amazon will respond to climate change (2016) Washington PostUniv. Exeter [embed:46]

The Climate Post: Climate Pledges May Not Be Enough (2015) Huffington Post [embed:45]

Amazon’s carbon uptake declines as trees die faster (2015) The GuardianNYTUniv. Exeter, O Globo [embed:44] 

Half of tree species in the Amazon at risk of extinction (2015) The GuardianBBC NewsUniv. Exeter [embed:47]

One percent of tree species in the Amazon forest account for half of its carbon (2015) BBC NewsUniv. Exeter

Just 227 species dominate Amazon landscape (2013) The GuardianBBC News

Pruning back carbon estimates (2012) Nature

West Africa forest biomass on rise despite drought (2012) BBC News


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