Dr Ted Feldpausch
Senior Lecturer


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Monica Amador - Socio-ecological systems in Colombia (Millner primary supervisor; Feldpausch co-supervisor)
  • Lidiany Carvalho - Environmental drivers of pyrogenic carbon in Amazonian soils (Feldpausch primary supervisor)
  • Fabiana Couto - Fire in Amazonia (Feldpausch primary supervisor; Aragao co-supervisor)
  • Felipe Franco - Palaeoecology and resilience of forests in Colombia (Urrego-Sanchez primary supervisor; Feldpausch co-supervisor)
  • Julieth Serrano - Biodiversity, forest resilience, and ecosystem services in Colombia (Feldpausch primary supervisor)

Postgraduate researchers

  • Marcelle Abdiel de Souza (MSc, INPA-Brazil)
  • Facundo Alvarez (PhD, UNEMAT-Brazil)
  • Larissa Barbosa (MSc, INPA-Brazil)
  • Chantelle Burton (Univ. Exeter)
  • Luciana De Oliveira Pereira (PhD - University of Exeter International Excellence Scholarship)
  • Lucas Heber Mariano Dos Santos (MSc, UNEMAT-Brazil)
  • Stacey New (PhD, Univ. Exeter-NERC GW4 )
  • Laura Vedovato (PhD, University of Exeter-CAPES, Brazil Fellowship)


  • Monica Forsthofer (MSc. UNEMAT-Brazil)
  • Nina Koele - Post-doctoral researcher - Variation in soil pyrogenic carbon in Amazonia (CNPq-CAPES-UNEMAT-Univ. Exeter)
  • Demetrius Martins (MSc. INPA-Brazil)
  • Klecia Massi - Post-doctoral reseacher - Changes in functional diversity in burned Amazonian forests (CNPq-CAPES-UNEMAT-Univ. Exeter)
  • Erick Mendoza (PhD INPA-Brazil)
  • Jamie Mitchell (MSc Univ. Exeter)
  • Paulo Morandi (PhD, UNEMAT-Brazil)
  • Edmar Oliveira (MSc. UNEMAT-Brazil)
  • Edmar Oliveira (PhD MT-Brazil)
  • Nayane Prestes (MSc UNEMAT-Brazil)
  • Simone Reis (PhD, UNEMAT-Brazil)

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