Dr Ted Feldpausch
Senior Lecturer


Office Hours:

  • Please contact me to arrange a meeting time

Prospective students:

Postgraduate: I am available to supervise postgraduate research students on projects related to my areas of research.

Undergraduate internships and dissertation research scholarship: 

Modules taught:

  • GEO1210 Investigating Physical Geography
  • GEO2307 Physical Geography Fieldtrip (Brazil Atlantic Forest)
  • GEO2309 Physical Geography Practical
  • GEO2330 Research Methods for Physical Geography
  • GEO2331 Research Design in Physical Geography
  • GEO2226 Biogeography and Ecosystems
  • GEO3321/22 BSc Dissertation
  • GEO3230 Tropical Forests in a Changing World

Previous Modules:

  • GEOM410 Key Themes in Climate Change Impacts and Feedbacks
  • GEOM411 Research Methods in Climate Change

Current postgraduate students:

   Laura Vedovato (PhD, Univ Exeter-CAPES Science without Borders, Brazil 2018-21) - Evaluating changes in Amazonian forest structure using airborne lidar







   Luciana Pereira (PhD, Univ Exeter International Excellence Scholarship 2018-21) - Assessing the potential of full-polarimetric ALOS-PALSAR data in estimating and mapping vegetation structural and carbon storage in the Amazon forest







   Facundo Alvarez (PhD, UNEMAT, Brazil 2018-22) - Changes in forest structure and composition following forest degradation and drought in southern Amazonia







   Larissa Barbosa (MSc, Univ Exeter-INPA 2017-19) - Pyrogenic carbon in central Amazonia








 Marcelle Abdiel de Souza  (MSc, Univ Exeter-INPA 2017-19) - Response of secondary forests in central Amazonia to relaxed nutrient constraints







  Lucas dos Santos (MSc, UNEMAT, Brazil 2018-21) - Seedling regeneration following fire and drought in southern Amazonia







  Stacey New (PhD, Univ Exeter NERC DTP, SilvaCarbon 2015-18) - Fire intensity, forest damage, and carbon dynamics in Peru and Brazil, Amazonia







  Chantelle Burton (PhD, University of Exeter, Met Office-UK 2015-18) - Modelling fire interactions with tropical forest, climate, and land-use






Visiting postgraduate students:

  Grace Jopaul Loubota (PhD, Exeter - Université de Liège, 2017) - Tree allometry and biomass in central Africa







Past postgraduate students:

  Simone Reis (PhD, UNEMAT-CNPq studentship, Brazil 2014-18) - Biotic and abiotic effects on the structure of Cerrado-Amazônia transitional forest







  Edmar A. de Oliveira (PhD, UNEMAT-CAPES Science without Borders studentship, Brazil 2014-17) - Effect of historic disturbance and soil pyrogenic carbon on southern Amazonian forest structure and composition






  Nayane Prestes (MSc, UNEMAT studentship; SilvaCarbon-Brazil 2015-17) - Effect of fire on forest regeneration and seedling composition in southern Amazonia







  Paulo Morandi (PhD, UNEMAT-CNPq studentship, Brazil 2014-17) - Distribution and determinants of tree species in the Amazon-Cerrado transition







  Erick M. Oblitas Mendoza (PhD, INPA-CAPES studentship, Brazil 2012-16) - Temporal and spatial variation in fine root production in central Amazonian forests







  Monica Forsthofer (MSc, UNEMAT-Brazil, 2014) - Effect of drought on tree dynamics in forests of the southern border of Amazonia







  Demetrius Martins (MSc, INPA-Brazil, 2012) - Environmental and edaphic drivers of variation in coarse woody debris stocks and wood density in central Amazonia












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