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 Helen Poulter

Helen Poulter

PhD student



My interests are in the field of integration of renewables, both within the environment and population, as well as the energy infrastructure and how policy needs to be flexible to accommodate advances in technology and socio-economic thinking.

Broad research specialisms:

Integration, Storage, Sustainability, Technology


BSc (Hons) Renewable Energy
FdSc Renewable Energy Technologies
CertHE Conservation and Countryside Management  


Research projects

Project Title: Disinvestment and Death Spirals – governance issues for future energy systems

Supervisors: Dr Matthew Lockwood and  Dr Catherine Mitchell

Funding Body: EPSRC

Project Description:
This project will look at how important the fossil fuel disinvestment movement is as a driver of energy policy;  how important the carbon bubble argument is for energy policy; and whether ‘death spirals’ are unusual occurrences for network companies or whether their drivers are something the network companies need to understand.


Supervision / Group

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