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Mr Will Bugg

Mr Will Bugg

MPH Geography


 Laver Building 


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


I have just completed my MSci in Natural Sciences (Biology). My passion has always been biodiversity and nature. I love to travel and visit areas where nature inspires. More recently I have become really interested in the idea of rewilding and how that shows strong signs of natures ability to bounce back after years under anthropological impact. Importantly, I also notice the role that economics plays in conservation todat and how an interdisciplinary approach to biodiversity protection must be taken to make a real difference. 

My other interests include, sport, I love just about every sport but play a lot of rugby. I have done this since a young age and continue to aim to play at the highest level possible. I love to travel, eat nice food and listen to music, all pretty standard but at the same time great!

In terms of my role in the department, I like many others will be working hard to make sure my research is interesting and will make a difference in some form. I wish to be someone that people can approach if my help in a certain area is needed as I know other will do the same for me!

Broad research specialisms:

Understanding the materiality of biodiversity tipping points and using it to enable positive action in the boardroom.  


MSci Natural Science (Biology)


Research interests

My passions lie in wanting to have a positive impact on biodiversity and the environment in areas all over the world. Coupling that with global economic goals and working with companies that affect biodiversity is vital in the modern era. Therefore, I am excited to begin my research which will aim to find the best way to for investment firms to invest sustainably for areas high in biodiversity. 


Supervision / Group

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