Ahmed Bangura
PhD student


Research projects

Project Title: Natural Resources and Sustainable Environment: Resources, Conflicts, and the steps towards Sustainable Communities. Case Study: Sierra Leone Diamond Mining.

Funding Body: Private

Project Description:
Resource rich economies in developing countries have relied heavily on their abundant natural resources to transform their economies. But these resources have provoked the outbreak of conflicts and resource exploitation, emergence of corrupt regimes with patronialism and clientelism. These prevailing circumstances have affected the mining communities immensely. State actors and their associates, small and large business, individuals, warring factions, regional and international peace keeping forces, mercenary groups, and neighbouring state actors have undermined the use of resources, control, and the capacity of communities to participate. The research will explore the relationships between resource use and sustainable communities in Sierra Leone. 


Wessex Consortium, Cumberland Lodge, 2007/2008.

School of Geography Postgraduate Symposium, Presentation on May 11th 2010.

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