Dr Etienne Bailey
PhD student


Research projects

Project Title: Understanding public responses to UK transmission grid development – a place-based approach

Supervisors: Prof. Patrick Devine-Wright, Dr. Susana Batel

Funding Body: EPSRC/SusGrid

Project Description:
My PhD research project inquires into the contentious proposal to construct a high-voltage overhead power line (Hinckley Point C connection) through the Somerset region of England. I am attempting to further our understanding of the motivations behind support, acceptance and opposition to the development of electricity transmission infrastructure within a UK context. In particular, my PhD adopts a place-based approach to understanding such responses, utilizing the concepts of place attachment and place-based meanings to do so. Alongside these place-based constructs, the concepts of procedural and distributive justice further inform my research.


Bailey, E. & Devine-Wright, P. (2013) Varieties of people-place relations and place change: UK electricity transmission grid development. Estudios De Psicologia, 34(23).

Walker, B., Wiersma, B. & Bailey, E. (2014) Community benefits, framing and the social acceptance of offshore wind farms: An experimental study in England, Energy Research and Social Science, Vol.3, pp.46-54.


Environment and Sustainability Research Group Symposium (2012), University of Exeter, UK - Oral presentation.

Conference of Environmental Psychology (2013), University of Magdeburg, Germany - Poster Presentation.

Conference of the International Association for People-Environment Studies (2014), University of Timisoara, Romania – Oral Presentation.

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