Jo Snoalv
PhD Student


I have a background in Earth science towards Geochemistry, mainly focusing on climatology and biogeochemistry. For my M.Sc. thesis at Stockholm University I specialised on CH4 gas fluxes from subarctic permafrost wetlands and lakes, through quantification of emission and investigation of isotopic carbon signatures. I have also worked as a geologist at the Swedish geological survey, mainly with soil geochemistry on a regional scale but also on other hands-on projects within urban geochemistry and marine geology.

Broad research specialisms:

My main interests lie in the biogeochemical cycles of macronutrients in the environment and the climate change of the past and the present, with a particular interest in aquatic ecosystems and the emissions of greenhouse gases like CO2, CH4 from these. For my PhD project here at University of Exeter I will be looking at lateral carbon transport from the terrestrial environment to the ocean, with a main focus on quantifying and modelling the sources and sinks, dynamics and transport of particulate organic carbon (POC) along the aquatic continuum.


BSc., MSc. (Stockholm University)

Contact details


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