Dr Jo Wood
PhD student


I have always had an interest in the cryosphere and climate change; the first time I encountered Climate Change as a topic was in year 6 where I completed a project looking at the causes and affects of global warming, which lead me to develop this interest up to MSc level. I have a BSc degree in Geography from the University of Sheffield, and continued my interest in these areas through my module selections; choosing paleoclimate, geomorphology and climate related modules.

During my BSc I took a number of geology modules, and I enjoyed many field trips looking at the differing morphologies of the Lake District and Peak District.  I also elected to take a module on Geophysical Hazards which looked at landslides and mass movements; the field trips were fascinating as you can clearly see the mechanisms behind these mass movements, particularly striking was the Mam Tor rotational landslide (which I have since visited a number of times). My undergraduate dissertation focused on glacier fluctuations and reconstruction of past glacial environments in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland; for which I spent a total of 3 weeks in the region mapping terminal moraines, and also present-day glacial limits.

Following my BSc, I spent 2 months in Kenya on a Water Resources project with a group called Quest Overseas, promoting sustainability and education within the community. We spent a lot of time building sand dams with the community groups and also spent some time in the local schools teaching the children about sustainability and geography.  Last December I travelled to San Francisco to attend the Annual Fall Meeting of the AGU.  The focus was on Climate Change, and I thoroughly enjoyed a great number of the lectures and talks on the cryosphere and environmental change.  I enjoy travelling and outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and climbing.

Broad research interests:

Remote sensing of the cryosphere, Climate change, Glaciation, Quaternary Studies, Hazards.


BSc (Hons) Geography, University of Sheffield
MSc Climate Change & Risk Management, University of Exeter

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