Kuba Jablonowski
PhD Student


Research projects

Project Title: Cosmopolitan labour / precarious citizenship

Supervisors: Clive Barnett, Sean Carter

Funding Body: University of Exeter - College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Project Description:
My research project explores everyday social practices by which migrant workers from the European Union enact their political agency in Britain. It takes the case of Polish migrants in Bristol as an entry point for empirical research, and aims to capture political dimensions of mundane routines of work, residency, and rights. To delineate the scope conceptually I identified two main themes, or modes of being entangled in politics. The first one is cosmopolitan labour, which frames the relationship between migrants’ expectations and experiences of hospitality and welcome and the harsh realities of contemporary labour markets they are confronted with. The second one is precarious citizenship, which captures the contested characteristics of migrants’ rights but also the productive effects of any rights claims, and relates that tension to the broader democratic process. These two themes are linked and by researching them I seek to problematize and understand the political agency of those who are too often taken for granted in public and policy discourses.


Three reports on work and health in Bristol, which I co-wrote with colleagues from Wellspring Healthy Living Centre and Somali Resource Centre, are freely available here under Research header: www.wellspringhlc.org/resources.

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