Louise Rutt
PhD student


Research projects

Funding Body: University of Exeter

Project Title: New Ways of Doing Charity: Governmentality and emerging subjectivities in spaces and places of ‘ethical giving’

Project Description:
‘Ethical giving’ is a term that has been used to describe a recently emerging mechanism which enables people to build giving-to-charity into their everyday social activity if they so wish, and are able to. This mechanism is one which appears to reconfigure more traditional giving relationships, to enable an individual to give twice: once a monetary gift (with a specific form of materialisation in mind) to an unknown other, mediated by a charitable organisation (for example, Oxfam, Christian Aid), and once a ‘virtual’ gift to a probably known, and socially closer, other.

With broad interests in ethics, ethical consumption/lifestyle, and globalised charity, this project seeks to examine these concepts and cultures by taking a governmentality approach in the context of ethical giving. Through empirical analysis of the interrelations between the subjectivities, discourses and institutions that bring into being and perpetuate the spaces and places of ethical giving, the importance of different knowledges, emotions and power relations, enmeshed in and as relationships between actors, can begin to be examined.

Louise is supervised by Paul Cloke and Nicola Thomas.

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