Victoria Janes
PhD student


February 2012 - present: GEO3225 Climate Change & Its Impacts
This course reviews the physical science basis of climate change, includes a review of evidence for anthropogenic climate change, and discusses future climate change predictions. My role within the module involved demonstrating in practical sessions, introducing the Education General Climate Model (edGCM) to students, running the model, and analysing model outputs.

February 2012 - present: GEO1210 Investigating Physical Geography
My role within this module involved demonstrating in practical sessions introducing students to ArcGIS software, using DEMs and geologic maps.

Jan 2010 - present: GEO2313 Spatial Skills for Physical Geographers
The overall aim of this module is to provide the student with an introduction to the range of spatial data collection and analysis skills used in Physical Geography research. The module addresses both the principles that underpin these techniques and their practical application to derive and analyse spatial data and model interactions between environmental processes. Particular attention is paid to the use of numerical simulation models, remote sensing technologies and Geographical Information Systems. The module aims to develop the students‘ understanding of the constraints on the implementation of these tools and encourage the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of these methods in the particular context of selected geographical phenomena (including river flow, meander migration and landscape evolution). My involvement included leading several practical ArcGIS classes.

Oct 2010 - Mar 2011: GEO1306 Study skills for Physical Geographers
This module aims: to raise student awareness in the role they play in their learning process; facilitate students development as independent learners; to teach specialist and generic skills in Physical Geography, including those associated with field studies. This is to be achieved primarily through an integrated series of directed tutorials and activities I acted as an academic tutor for 2 tutorial groups. Course material is delivered through reading groups, presentations, discussions, essay writing and reports.

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