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On behalf of everyone at the Centre for Geography, Environment and Science, I would like to welcome you to the University of Exeter’s Penryn Campus. As you are about to embark on your new university career, I would like to reassure you that all our staff and students will do their utmost to make the transition to university life as seamless as possible, and we will also do our best to keep you interested and inspired during your time with us.

The University of Exeter provides a supportive and challenging environment for all its students, and although you have only just arrived, your time here will pass quickly – so please do not waste it. Engage in all the opportunities on offer and give your best at all times.

To help you prepare you can find further information about the Centre here Centre Information and our New Students website. Within these webpages, you will find a number of key and important documents to read before your arrival at University. Please take the time to peruse and consider this content thoroughly; it will help you through your first few weeks as an undergraduate, and may answer some of the questions you have now that you know you have a place on your course.

Welcome and Introduction activities will take place during Fresher’s week from Monday 17 September – Sunday 23 September following Arrivals Weekend (15-16 September), and would encourage you to take part and meet new friends and settle into life here on campus. Make the most of your initial meeting with your person tutor, who will serve as your mentor and help you excel in all areas of academic life. Always remember that you are part of a team here, along with all the other members of the Centre (including not just geographers, but also bioscientists and environmental scientists), and together we can make a difference.  You can view your Fresher’s week and Teaching timetables via the iExeter App.

During your time at University, you may have the opportunity to attend day field trips away from the University, and it is very important that we hold current, up-to-date details about your emergency contact and any medical conditions you may have so that we can greatly assist the emergency services and allow your nominated emergency contact to be quickly informed. This may mitigate the consequences of your injuries and alleviate unnecessary concern.

The information you provide will be kept safe for the current academic year and will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please use the link below to fill out the form as soon as possible, as some field trips may be scheduled for Freshers’ week.  Field Trip Compliance Form  

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the University in September. If you have any further queries, now or after your arrival, please do not hesitate to contact the Education Team of the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at

We wish you all the very best during your studies and hope that you enjoy your stay here at least as much as we enjoy having you.

Best wishes

Professor James Scourse

Head, Centre for Geography, Environment and Society