Facilities at Cornwall

Excellent facilities and expert support

The Centre for Geography and Environmental Science benefits from outstanding analytical and experimental laboratories for environmental change and process studies, including a high-performance computing facility and dedicated geographical information systems (GIS) suite for geographical modelling and remote sensing.

Our facilities are supported by an expert team of laboratory, research and computing technicians.

Location: Daphne du Maurier Building, Penryn Campus, Cornwall

The Sedimentology Laboratory is used by academic staff, research students and undergraduates for investigations in physical geography, including dissertation research. The lab contains two fume cupboards, furnaces for loss on ignition (total organic matter content), drying cabinets, and sieving equipment, including sieve shakers as well as standard sedimentology equipment. This laboratory contains numerous microscopes and is also used for teaching.

Location: Daphne du Maurier Building, Penryn Campus, Cornwall

This teaching suite contains 66 high-specification computers with the latest Geographic Information Systems and mapping software, designed to support teaching and learning in cartography, spatial mapping and analysis, remote sensing, statistics, and computer modelling.