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Dr. Arya Pamungkas Iwantoro

Dr. Arya Pamungkas Iwantoro

Postdoctoral Researcher

 Amory D386


Amory Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ , UK


My research focuses on estuarine and coastal eco-geomorphology using numerical modelling approach. I am interested in understanding how the interaction between fluvial and ocean forcings affects the morphological development and ecological condition in estuaries and coastal systems.

Before moving to Exeter, I did my PhD at the Physical Geography Department, Utrecht University. In my PhD research, I developed a numerical model to simulate hydro-morphodynamic in complex river network systems under unsteady flow conditions. Using this model, I investigated morphodynamics of channel networks in tide-influenced river deltas.  

Currently, I am postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Geography where I work in the research project to understand how carbon sequestration in mangrove ecosystems is controlled by forest development and coastal morphodynamics under climate change pressure. In this project, my role is to develop a numerical model that couples hydro-morphodynamic processes, mangrove forest development and carbon sequestration.

Broad research specialisms:

I am an eco-geomorphologist focusing my research on the dynamic of estuarine and coastal systems 


PhD in Physical Geography, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
MSc in Physical Geography, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
BSc in Ocean Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

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Research interests

Coastal and estuarine geomorphology
Waves, tides, and sediment transport
Ecomorphodynamics of coastal wetlands
Carbon sequestration in mangrove forests

Research projects

Mangrove ecosystem services under pressure: the history and future of carbon sequestration hotspots (MANGROOVIE)

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Journal articles

Iwantoro AP, van der Vegt M, Kleinhansl MG (2022). Stability and Asymmetry of Tide-Influenced River Bifurcations. JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-EARTH SURFACE, 127(6).  Author URL.
Iwantoro AP, van der Vegt M, Kleinhans MG (2021). Effects of sediment grain size and channel slope on the stability of river bifurcations. EARTH SURFACE PROCESSES AND LANDFORMS, 46(10), 2004-2018.  Author URL.
Iwantoro AP, van der Vegt M, Kleinhans MG (2020). Morphological evolution of bifurcations in tide-influenced deltas. EARTH SURFACE DYNAMICS, 8(2), 413-429.  Author URL.


Iwantoro AP, van der Vegt M, Kleinhans MG (2020). Effect of tides on stability of bifurcations in river deltas. Abstract.

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