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MR David Hein-Griggs   (nee Hein )

MR David Hein-Griggs (nee Hein )

Senior Research Fellow (Geospatial Software Engineering)

 07795616971 or 07711665717

 Hatherly B8a


Hatherly Building, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS, UK


I am the Geography Department's dedicated scientific software expert and IT helpdesk facilitator. I can assist with GIS enquiries (ESRI ArcGIS software as well as the open source QGIS software).  I can help with all scientific software questions, including coding in Python and other programming languages, and I can facilitate other technical needs (procurement and installation of PCs and laptops, software licensing, virtual machines, and PC repair and fault diagnosis). My role is something like that of a lab technician ... when the laboratory is a computer.

My background is in scientific software engineering, with a special expertise in climate modelling and climate data analysis. I helped to design an easy to use regional climate model and taught researchers around the world how to utilize it for climate change impacts studies. I am a Linux enthusiast and expert in Unix shell scripting.

I’m originally from the state of Kansas in the United States. I moved to Europe in 1998, first to the Czech Republic where I worked as a secondary school teacher and then to England in 2001. I’ve lived in Exeter since 2003.

I love travelling and have visited over 100 countries. I also enjoy reading, running and journaling.


BSc Mathematics & Computer Science (University of Arkansas, USA), 1996
Postgraduate Certificate in Theological Studies (Columbia International University, USA), 1998
MSc Weather & Climate Modelling (University of Reading, UK), 2008


Secondary School Teacher, Gymnazium Na Zatlance, Prague, Czech Republic, Aug 1998 - Jun 2001

IT Helpdesk technician, Henley College, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, Oct 2001 - Apr 2002

Scientific Software Engineer at the Met Office, May 2002-July 2017

Postdoctoral Researcher, Exeter University, Aug 2017 - December 2017

GIS & Scientific Software Specialist, January 2018-Nov 2022

Senior Research Fellow (Geospatial Software Engineering), Nov 2022 - 


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Research interests

Broad research specialisms:

Scientific Software Engineering
Regional Climate Modelling
Scientific Data Analysis and Visualisation
Linux & Unix Shell Scripting
Python programming
Fortran programming
Virtual machines
Website Design and Deployment
Scientific & Technical Support
PC Systems Design & Administration

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Journal articles

Zhang L, Zhao Y, Hein-Griggs D, Janes T, Tucker S, Ciborowski JJH (2020). Climate change projections of temperature and precipitation for the great lakes basin using the PRECIS regional climate model. Journal of Great Lakes Research, 46(2), 255-266. Abstract.
Mendez M, Maathuis B, Hein-Griggs D, Alvarado-Gamboa LF (2020). Performance evaluation of bias correction methods for climate change monthly precipitation projections over Costa Rica. Water (Switzerland), 12(2). Abstract.
Tangang F, Chung JX, Juneng L, Supari, Salimun E, Ngai ST, Jamaluddin AF, Mohd MSF, Cruz F, Narisma G, et al (2020). Projected future changes in rainfall in Southeast Asia based on CORDEX-SEA multi-model simulations. CLIMATE DYNAMICS, 55(5-6), 1247-1267.  Author URL.
Gallo F, Daron J, Macadam I, Cinco T, Villafuerte M, Buonomo E, Tucker S, Hein-Griggs D, Jones RG (2019). High-resolution regional climate model projections of future tropical cyclone activity in the Philippines. International Journal of Climatology, 39(3), 1181-1194. Abstract.
Zhang L, Zhao Y, Hein-Griggs D, Barr L, Ciborowski JJH (2019). Projected extreme temperature and precipitation of the Laurentian Great Lakes Basin. Global and Planetary Change, 172, 325-335. Abstract.
Tangang F, Supari S, Chung JX, Cruz F, Salimun E, Ngai ST, Juneng L, Santisirisomboon J, Santisirisomboon J, Ngo-Duc T, et al (2018). Future changes in annual precipitation extremes over Southeast Asia under global warming of 2°C. APN Science Bulletin, 8(1).
Zhang L, Zhao Y, Hein-Griggs D, Ciborowski JJH (2018). Projected monthly temperature changes of the Great Lakes Basin. Environ Res, 167, 453-467. Abstract.  Author URL.
Bovolo CI, Wagner T, Parkin G, Hein-Griggs D, Pereira R, Jones R (2018). The Guiana Shield rainforests-overlooked guardians of South American climate. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS, 13(7).  Author URL.
Loh JL, Tangang F, Juneng L, Hein D, Lee D-I (2016). Projected rainfall and temperature changes over Malaysia at the end of the 21st century based on PRECIS modelling system. Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 52(2), 191-208.

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Climate Modelling and Climate Data Analysis

Scientific Computing




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Office Hours:

Term 3 and Summer 2024:

Email me to arrange bespoke meetings. I will try to accommodate your schedules.

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