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Dr Dominic Fawcett

Dr Dominic Fawcett

Postdoctoral Research Associate

 +44 (0) 1326 259478

 Environment and Sustainability Institute 01.15


Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


I'm an Earth observation scientist and PostDoc in Stephen Sitch's group. I use an array of different remote sensing data to study vegetation structure and function at local to global scales. My current focus lies on studying the carbon dynamics of forests in the Amazon by monitoring deforestation, degradation and regrowth processes.


PhD in Geography, University of Exeter

MSc in Geography (Remote Sensing), University of Zurich


2020-present      PostDoc, University of Exeter

2017-2021          PhD Student, University of Exeter

2016-2017          Research Assistant at Remote Sensing Laboratories, University of Zurich

2011-2016          BSc and MSc Geography, University of Zurich


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Journal articles

Fawcett D, Benjamin A, Hill T, Khoon L, Bennie JJ, Anderson K (In Press). Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) derived structure-from-motion photogrammetry point clouds for oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) canopy segmentation and height estimation. International Journal of Remote Sensing
Wang H, Ciais P, Sitch S, Green JK, Tao S, Fu Z, Albergel C, Bastos A, Wang M, Fawcett D, et al (2024). Anthropogenic disturbance exacerbates resilience loss in the Amazon rainforests. Glob Chang Biol, 30(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Rosan TM, Sitch S, O’Sullivan M, Basso LS, Wilson C, Silva C, Gloor E, Fawcett D, Heinrich V, Souza JG, et al (2024). Synthesis of the land carbon fluxes of the Amazon region between 2010 and 2020. Communications Earth & Environment, 5(1). Abstract.
Fawcett D, Ng L, Tai A, Yan X, Rosan T, Silva Junior C, Bastos A, Ciais P, Albergel C, Aragão L, et al (2023). Carbon fluxes from different fire types in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes quantified using Earth-observation based modelling.
Fawcett D, Sitch S, Ciais P, Wigneron JP, Silva-Junior CHL, Heinrich V, Vancutsem C, Achard F, Bastos A, Yang H, et al (2023). Declining Amazon biomass due to deforestation and subsequent degradation losses exceeding gains. Glob Chang Biol, 29(4), 1106-1118. Abstract.  Author URL.
Slade G, Fawcett D, Cunliffe AM, Brazier RE, Nyaupane K, Mauritz M, Vargas S, Anderson K (2023). Optical reflectance across spatial scales—an intercomparison of transect-based hyperspectral, drone, and satellite reflectance data for dry season rangeland. Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems (JUVS), 11, 1-20.
Heinrich VHA, Vancutsem C, Dalagnol R, Rosan TM, Fawcett D, Silva-Junior CHL, Cassol HLG, Achard F, Jucker T, Silva CA, et al (2023). The carbon sink of secondary and degraded humid tropical forests. Nature, 615(7952), 436-442. Abstract.  Author URL.
Fawcett D, Cunliffe AM, Sitch S, O’Sullivan M, Anderson K, Brazier RE, Hill TC, Anthoni P, Arneth A, Arora VK, et al (2022). Assessing Model Predictions of Carbon Dynamics in Global Drylands. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10 Abstract.
Bastos A, Ciais P, Sitch S, Aragao LEOC, Chevallier F, Fawcett D, Rosan TM, Saunois M, Guenther D, Perugini L, et al (2022). On the use of Earth Observation to support estimates of national greenhouse gas emissions and sinks for the Global stocktake process: lessons learned from ESA-CCI RECCAP2 COMMENT. CARBON BALANCE AND MANAGEMENT, 17(1).  Author URL.
Hegglin MI, Bastos A, Bovensmann H, Buchwitz M, Fawcett D, Ghent D, Kulk G, Sathyendranath S, Shepherd TG, Quegan S, et al (2022). Space-based Earth observation in support of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10
Heinrich V, Vancutsem C, Dalagnol R, Rosan T, Fawcett D, Silva Junior C, Achard F, Jucker T, House J, Sitch S, et al (2022). What is the current and future carbon sink potential of recovering secondary and degraded forests across the humid tropics?.
Duffy JP, Anderson K, Fawcett D, Curtis RJ, Maclean IMD (2021). Drones provide spatial and volumetric data to deliver new insights into microclimate modelling. Landscape Ecology, 36(3), 685-702. Abstract.
Fawcett D, Bennie J, Anderson K (2021). Monitoring spring phenology of individual tree crowns using drone-acquired NDVI data. REMOTE SENSING IN ECOLOGY AND CONSERVATION, 7(2), 227-244.  Author URL.
Fawcett D, Panigada C, Tagliabue G, Boschetti M, Celesti M, Evdokimov A, Biriukova K, Colombo R, Miglietta F, Rascher U, et al (2020). Multi-Scale Evaluation of Drone-Based Multispectral Surface Reflectance and Vegetation Indices in Operational Conditions. Remote Sensing, 12(3), 514-514. Abstract.
Anderson K, Fawcett D, Cugulliere A, Benford S, Jones D, Leng R (2020). Vegetation expansion in the subnival Hindu Kush Himalaya. Global Change Biology, 26(3), 1608-1625. Abstract.
Fawcett D, Blanco-Sacristán J, Benaud P (2019). Two decades of digital photogrammetry: Revisiting Chandler’s 1999 paper on “Effective application of automated digital photogrammetry for geomorphological research” – a synthesis. Progress in Physical Geography, 43(2), 299-312. Abstract.
Fawcett D, Verhoef W, Schläpfer D, Schneider FD, Schaepman ME, Damm A (2018). Advancing retrievals of surface reflectance and vegetation indices over forest ecosystems by combining imaging spectroscopy, digital object models, and 3D canopy modelling. Remote Sensing of Environment, 204, 583-595. Abstract.


Fawcett D, Anderson K (2019). Investigating impacts of calibration methodology and irradiance variations on lightweight drone-based sensor derived surface reflectance products. Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XXI. 9th - 12th Sep 2019.

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