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Mrs Ghazaleh Nassaji

Mrs Ghazaleh Nassaji

PhD student

 CREWW Building 


In 2015, I have obtained my bachelor’s degree in the field of Civil Engineering from university of Shahid Madani in Iran. Then my interest led me to study my Masters in the field of Water Engineering and hydraulic structures in Tabriz University in 2017. My thesis was about prediction and determination of the effective parameters of local energy loss in culvert systems, using artificial intelligent approaches, which provided me with expertise in learning these methods and understanding the hydraulic performance of culverts. A sustainable portion of my work at graduate level had involved researching the Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods and energy losses in various culvert systems. After finishing my degree, I did some research toward evaluating local loss energy in culverts using AI methods and then started to do some collaborative research with water company in Iran.

In September 2023, I joined the university of Exeter as a PHD student to work on the project named “Characterizing the impact of large wood in river restoration”.

Broad research specialisms:

Water engineering- Hydraulics


Master of water engineering and hydraulic structure,

University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering (University of Shahid Madani Azarbaijan, Tabriz, Iran)


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