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 Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes

Graduate Research Assistant


 Hatherly C10


Hatherly Building, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS, UK


In 2017 I was employed as a researcher on the NERC funded TICTOC project, using observations of transient tracers made on several research cruises to understand more about where the ocean takes up heat from the atmosphere and how it is redistributed via ocean currents. I started on another NERC funded project in 2019 named BLT recipes, specifically studying bottom boundary layer turbulence via a tracer release method; where long-lived chemical tracer will be released and subsequently sampled on future research cruises.


BSc Ocean Science, University of Plymouth 2012-2015.
MSc Climate Change Science and Policy, University of Bristol 2016-2017.


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Research interests

Physical Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Deep ocean mixing, Overturning circulation, Gas Chromatography

Research projects

TICTOC (Transient Tracer Based Investigation of Circulation and Thermal Ocean Change).
BLT Recipes (Bottom Boundary Layer Turbulence and Abyssal Recipes).

Research Groups & External Responsibilities:

Exeter Atmospheric and Ocean Science Research Group

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