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Dr Kees Jan van Groenigen

Dr Kees Jan van Groenigen

Associate Professor


 Laver Building 906


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


I am a biogeochemist; through my research, I try to understand how plants and soil respond to environmental change and management practices. I have studied carbon and nutrient cycles in a wide range of ecosystems, including grasslands, cropland, and temperate forests. By using meta-analytic techniques, I synthesize findings in my field of research. I also study the role of soil microbes in carbon and nitrogen cycles, using techniques such as incubation experiments, isotopic tracers and analyses of biomarkers. More recently I have started using these techniques to study rice cropping systems, trying to find ways to optimize yields with minimal environmental impact. 


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Broad research specialisms

  • Elevated atmospheric CO2
  • Soil microbiology
  • Rice agriculture
  • Plant-soil interactions
  • Meta-analysis and data synthesis


  • MSc, Soil Science, Wageningen University
  • PhD, Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University


  • 2023-                   Associate Professor, University of Exeter
  • 2017-2023         Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter
  • 2016                      Visiting Professor, University of California – Davis
  • 2015-2016          Assistant Research Professor, Northern Arizona University
  • 2012-2015          Postdoctoral scholar, Northern Arizona University
  • 2007-2012         Research fellow, Trinity College Dublin

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Journal articles

Van Groenigen KJ (In Press). A trade-off between plant and soil carbon storage under elevated CO2. Nature
Zheng J, Mao X, van Groenigen KJ, Zhang S, Wang M, Guo X, Yu W, Luo L, Chang J, Shi Z, et al (2024). Decoupling of soil carbon mineralization and microbial community composition across a climate gradient on the Tibetan Plateau. Geoderma, 441
Shang Z, Cui X, van Groenigen KJ, Kuhnert M, Abdalla M, Luo J, Zhang W, Song Z, Jiang Y, Smith P, et al (2024). Global cropland nitrous oxide emissions in fallow period are comparable to growing‐season emissions. Global Change Biology, 30(2). Abstract.
Liao P, Liu L, Chen J, Sun Y, Huang S, Zeng Y, Jan van Groenigen K (2024). Liming reduces nitrogen uptake from chemical fertilizer but increases that from straw in a double rice cropping system. Soil and Tillage Research, 235 Abstract.
Zhang Y, Cheng X, van Groenigen KJ, García-Palacios P, Cao J, Zheng X, Luo Y, Hungate BA, Terrer C, Butterbach-Bahl K, et al (2024). Shifts in soil ammonia-oxidizing community maintain the nitrogen stimulation of nitrification across climatic conditions. Glob Chang Biol, 30(1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Chang Y, Sokol NW, van Groenigen KJ, Bradford MA, Ji D, Crowther TW, Liang C, Luo Y, Kuzyakov Y, Wang J, et al (2023). A stoichiometric approach to estimate sources of mineral‐associated soil organic matter. Global Change Biology, 30(1). Abstract.
Moinet GYK, Amundson R, Galdos MV, Grace PR, Haefele SM, Hijbeek R, Van Groenigen JW, Van Groenigen KJ, Powlson DS (2023). Climate change mitigation through soil carbon sequestration in working lands: a reality check. Global Change Biology, 30(1).
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Xia L, Cao L, Yang Y, Ti C, Liu Y, Smith P, van Groenigen KJ, Lehmann J, Lal R, Butterbach-Bahl K, et al (2023). Integrated biochar solutions can achieve carbon-neutral staple crop production. Nature Food, 4(3), 236-246.
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Zheng F, Liu X, Zhang M, Li S, Song X, Wang B, Wu X, van Groenigen KJ (2023). Strong links between aggregate stability, soil carbon stocks and microbial community composition across management practices in a Chinese dryland cropping system. Catena, 233
Qian H, Jin Y, Chen J, Huang S, Liu Y, Zhang J, Deng A, Zou J, Pan G, Ding Y, et al (2022). Acclimation of CH<inf>4</inf> emissions from paddy soil to atmospheric CO<inf>2</inf> enrichment in a growth chamber experiment. Crop Journal, 10(1), 140-146. Abstract.
Qian H, Chen J, Zhu X, Wang L, Liu Y, Zhang J, Deng A, Song Z, Ding Y, Jiang Y, et al (2022). Intermittent flooding lowers the impact of elevated atmospheric CO<inf>2</inf> on CH<inf>4</inf> emissions from rice paddies. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 329 Abstract.
Zhang H-M, Liang Z, Li Y, Chen Z-X, Zhang J-B, Cai Z-C, Elsgaard L, Cheng Y, van Groenigen KJ, Abalos D, et al (2022). Liming modifies greenhouse gas fluxes from soils: a meta-analysis of biological drivers. AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT, 340  Author URL.
Zheng F, Wu X, Zhang M, Liu X, Song X, Lu J, Wang B, van Groenigen KJ, Li S (2022). Linking soil microbial community traits and organic carbon accumulation rate under long-term conservation tillage practices. Soil and Tillage Research, 220
Zhu X, Chen J, Huang S, Li W, Penuelas J, Chen J, Zhou F, Zhang W, Li G, Liu Z, et al (2022). Manure amendment can reduce rice yield loss under extreme temperatures. COMMUNICATIONS EARTH & ENVIRONMENT, 3(1).  Author URL.
Janzen HH, van Groenigen KJ, Powlson DS, Schwinghamer T, van Groenigen JW (2022). Net Primary Production constraints are crucial to realistically project soil organic carbon sequestration. Response to Minasny et al. Geoderma, 424
Zhou G, Terrer C, Huang A, Hungate BA, van Gestel N, Zhou X, van Groenigen KJ (2022). Nitrogen and water availability control plant carbon storage with warming. Sci Total Environ, 851(Pt 1). Abstract.  Author URL.
Liu H, Wang H, Li N, Shao J, Zhou X, van Groenigen KJ, Thakur MP (2022). Phenological mismatches between above- and belowground plant responses to climate warming. Nature Climate Change, 12(1), 97-102. Abstract.
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Grados D, Butterbach-Bahl K, Chen J, Jan van Groenigen K, Olesen JE, Willem van Groenigen J, Abalos D (2022). Synthesizing the evidence of nitrous oxide mitigation practices in agroecosystems. Environmental Research Letters, 17(11), 114024-114024. Abstract.
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Xia L, Lam SK, Kiese R, Chen D, Luo Y, van Groenigen KJ, Ainsworth EA, Chen J, Liu S, Ma L, et al (2021). Elevated CO<inf>2</inf> negates O<inf>3</inf> impacts on terrestrial carbon and nitrogen cycles. One Earth, 4(12), 1752-1763. Abstract.
Liao P, Huang S, Zeng Y, Shao H, Zhang J, van Groenigen KJ (2021). Liming increases yield and reduces grain cadmium concentration in rice paddies: a meta-analysis. PLANT AND SOIL, 465(1-2), 157-169.  Author URL.
Zhou G, Terrer C, Hungate B, Gestel NV, Zhou X, Groenigen KJV (2021). Nitrogen availability controls plant carbon storage with warming. Abstract.
Zhou G, Terrer C, Hungate B, Gestel NV, Zhou X, Groenigen KJV (2021). Nitrogen availability controls plant carbon storage with warming. Abstract.
Liu Y, Ge T, van Groenigen KJ, Yang Y, Wang P, Cheng K, Zhu Z, Wang J, Li Y, Guggenberger G, et al (2021). Rice paddy soils are a quantitatively important carbon store according to a global synthesis. Communications Earth & Environment, 2(1). Abstract.
Hungate BA, Marks JC, Power ME, Schwartz E, van Groenigen KJ, Blazewicz SJ, Chuckran P, Dijkstra P, Finley BK, Firestone MK, et al (2021). The Functional Significance of Bacterial Predators. mBio, 12(2). Abstract.  Author URL.
Chen C, van Groenigen KJ, Yang H, Hungate BA, Yang B, Tian Y, Chen J, Dong W, Huang S, Deng A, et al (2020). Global warming and shifts in cropping systems together reduce China's rice production. Global Food Security, 24 Abstract.
Xu Z, Huang X, Song Z, van Groenigen KJ, Huang B, Zhang Y, Hang X, Tan S, Zhang D, Zhang W, et al (2020). Grassland conversion along a climate gradient in northwest China: Implications for soil carbon and nutrients. SOIL USE AND MANAGEMENT, 36(3), 410-419.  Author URL.
He M, Zhou G, Yuan T, van Groenigen KJ, Shao J, Zhou X (2020). Grazing intensity significantly changes the C : N : P stoichiometry in grassland ecosystems. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 29(2), 355-369. Abstract.
LIAO P, ROS MBH, VAN GESTEL N, SUN YN, ZHANG J, HUANG S, ZENG YJ, WU ZM, VAN GROENIGEN KJ (2020). Liming reduces soil phosphorus availability but promotes yield and P uptake in a double rice cropping system. Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 19(11), 2807-2814. Abstract.
Chen J, van Groenigen KJ, Hungate BA, Terrer C, van Groenigen J, Maestre FT, Ying SC, Luo Y, Jørgensen U, Sinsabaugh RL, et al (2020). Long‐term nitrogen loading alleviates phosphorus limitation in terrestrial ecosystems. Global Change Biology, 26(9), 5077-5086. Abstract.
Qian H, Huang S, Chen J, Wang L, Hungate BA, van Kessel C, Zhang J, Deng A, Jiang Y, van Groenigen KJ, et al (2020). Lower‐than‐expected CH<sub>4</sub> emissions from rice paddies with rising CO<sub>2</sub> concentrations. Global Change Biology, 26(4), 2368-2376. Abstract.
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van Groenigen KJ, de Graaff MA, Six JW, Harris D, Kuikman P, van Kessel C (2006). The impact of elevated atmospheric CO2 on soil C and N dynamics: a meta-analysis. In Nösberger J, Long SP, Norby RJ, Stitt M, Hendrey GR, Blum H (Eds.) Managed Ecosystems and CO2 Case Studies, Processes, and Perspectives, Springer Science & Business Media. Abstract.

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External Engagement and Impact

Awards/Honorary fellowships

2023 Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher

2020-present  Stanford list of top 2% scientists in the world

2016 RCA award for most significant research at Northern Arizona University

2010 IRC-Marie Curie International Mobility Fellowship in Science, Engineering and Technology

Editorial responsibilities

2016-present      Associate Editor, Biogeosciences

2012-2015            Section Editor, Plant and Soil

2011-present       Editorial Board, Plant and Soil

Invited lectures

  1. van Groenigen KJ (2017). Studying plants and soil through meta-analysis: strengths, limitations and opportunities. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China.
  2. van Groenigen KJ (2015). Microbial feedbacks to elevated atmospheric CO2. University of Amsterdam, Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, the Netherlands.
  3. van Groenigen KJ (2014). Faster decomposition under increased atmospheric CO2 limits soil carbon storage. Wageningen University, Dept. of Soil Quality, the Netherlands.
  4. van Groenigen KJ (2013). Future atmospheric conditions increase the greenhouse-gas intensity of rice production. University of Oklahoma, Dept. of Microbiology and Plant Biology, USA.

Media Coverage

- Interview with, for their column “Scientist of the week

- Interview on Capitol Public Radio (USA)

- Interview with news agency Reuters

- Articles in several international news outlets, including the New York times.

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