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Dr Liz Cressey

Dr Liz Cressey

Laboratory Assistant


 Hatherly B8A


Hatherly Building, University of Exeter, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS, UK


Role: Laboratory assistant in the Hatherly bioscience/geography laboratories.

Background: A mixture of technical support and research roles in organic carbon in mineral soils, peatlands and cosmogenic rock analyses.



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Journal articles

Qi J, Wang Z, Cressey EL, Liang B, Wang J (2023). Considering the Joint Impact of Carbon Density Change and Land Use Change is Crucial to Improving Ecosystem Carbon Stock Assessment in North China. Forests, 15(1), 55-55. Abstract.
Liang B, Liu H, Wang S, Cressey EL, Dahlsjö CAL, Xu C, Wang J, Wang Z, Liu F, Feng S, et al (2023). Model bias in calculating factor importance of climate on vegetation growth. Global and Planetary Change, 228 Abstract.
Cao J, Liu H, Zhao B, Li Z, Liang B, Shi L, Song Z, Wu L, Wang Q, Cressey EL, et al (2023). Nitrogen addition enhances tree radial growth but weakens its recovery from drought impact in a temperate forest in northern China. Sci Total Environ, 903 Abstract.  Author URL.
Liang B, Liu H, Cressey EL, Xu C, Shi L, Wang L, Dai J, Wang Z, Wang J (2023). Uncertainty of Partial Dependence Relationship between Climate and Vegetation Growth Calculated by Machine Learning Models. Remote Sensing, 15(11), 2920-2920. Abstract.
Wu L, Liu H, Liang B, Zhu X, Cao J, Wang Q, Jiang L, Cressey EL, Quine TA (2022). A process-based model reveals the restoration gap of degraded grasslands in Inner Mongolian steppe. Sci Total Environ, 806(Pt 3). Abstract.  Author URL.
Quine TA, Cressey EL, Dungait JAJ, De Baets S, Meersmans J, Jones MW, Nicholas AP (2022). Geomorphically mediated carbon dynamics of floodplain soils and implications for net effect of carbon erosion. Hydrological Processes, 36(9). Abstract.
Liang B, Wang J, Zhang Z, Zhang J, Zhang J, Cressey EL, Wang Z (2022). Planted forest is catching up with natural forest in China in terms of carbon density and carbon storage. Fundamental Research, 2(5), 688-696.
Mariappan S, Hartley IP, Cressey EL, Dungait JAJ, Quine TA (2022). Soil burial reduces decomposition and offsets erosion-induced soil carbon losses in the Indian Himalaya. Glob Chang Biol, 28(4), 1643-1658. Abstract.  Author URL.
Wang J, Zhang J, Xiong N, Liang B, Wang Z, Cressey EL (2022). Spatial and Temporal Variation, Simulation and Prediction of Land Use in Ecological Conservation Area of Western Beijing. REMOTE SENSING, 14(6).  Author URL.
Liang B, Liu H, Quine TA, Chen X, Hallett PD, Cressey EL, Zhu X, Cao J, Yang S, Wu L, et al (2021). Analysing and simulating spatial patterns of crop yield in Guizhou Province based on artificial neural networks. Progress in Physical Geography, 45(1), 33-52. Abstract.
Shi L, Liu H, Xu C, Liang B, Cao J, Cressey EL, Quine TA, Zhou M, Zhao P (2021). Decoupled heatwave-tree growth in large forest patches of Larix sibirica in northern Mongolian Plateau. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 311, 108667-108667.
Cao J, Liu H, Zhao B, Li Z, Liang B, Shi L, Wu L, Cressey EL, Quine TA (2021). High forest stand density exacerbates growth decline of conifers driven by warming but not broad-leaved trees in temperate mixed forest in northeast Asia. Science of the Total Environment, 795 Abstract.
Liang B, Quine TA, Liu H, Cressey EL, Bateman I (2021). How can We Realize Sustainable Development Goals in Rocky Desertified Regions by Enhancing Crop Yield with Reduction of Environmental Risks?. REMOTE SENSING, 13(9).  Author URL.
Wang L, Liu H, Leavitt S, Cressey EL, Quine TA, Shi J, Shi S (2021). Tree-ring δ18O identifies similarity in timing but differences in depth of soil water uptake by trees in mesic and arid climates. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 308-309, 108569-108569.
Liang B, Liu H, Chen X, Zhu X, Cressey EL, Quine TA (2020). Periodic relations between terrestrial vegetation and climate factors across the globe. Remote Sensing, 12(11). Abstract.
Gallego-Sala AV, Charman D, Brewer S, Page SE, Prentice IC, Friedlingstein P, Moreton S, Amesbury MJ, Beilman DW, Björck S, et al (2018). Latitudinal limits to the predicted increase of the peatland carbon sink with warming. Nature Climate Change, 8, 907-913.
Cressey EL, Dungait JAJ, Jones DL, Nicholas AP, Quine TA (2018). Soil microbial populations in deep floodplain soils are adapted to infrequent but regular carbon substrate addition. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 122, 60-70. Abstract.
Farrar J, Boddy E, Hill PW, Jones DL (2012). Discrete functional pools of soil organic matter in a UK grassland soil are differentially affected by temperature and priming. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 49, 52-60.  Author URL.
Boddy E, Roberts P, Hill PW, Farrar J, Jones DL (2008). Turnover of low molecular weight dissolved organic C (DOC) and microbial C exhibit different temperature sensitivities in Arctic tundra soils. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 40(7), 1557-1566.  Author URL.
Boddy E, Hill PW, Farrar J, Jones DL (2007). Fast turnover of low molecular weight components of the dissolved organic carbon pool of temperate grassland field soils. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 39(4), 827-835.  Author URL.

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