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 Mark Letcher

Mark Letcher

PhD Student



I have worked in the fields of sustainable energy and climate change since the early 1990’s. Initially, on the development and provision of energy efficiency advice to householders and businesses, then technical consultancy and policy research on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Between 1995 and 2007 I worked for the Centre for Sustainable Energy in a variety of teams providing policy research, technical consultancy and on the development of local partnerships, on energy and climate change. At CSE I became particularly interested in the intersection between technical interventions and behavioural change, and strategies for mobilising change within communities and organisations.

In 2007 I left CSE to set up my own consultancy, Climate Works, providing services on energy security, fuel poverty and climate change with a focus on the preparation of evidenced based policy, locally and nationally.

I have worked extensively with a number of government departments including CLG, DECC/BEIS and
DEFRA and with local councils on a variety of climate and carbon related strategies and policies. I have
also coordinated a national campaign on fossil fuel divestment.

In 2016 I joined Bristol City Council and now work half-time with the Sustainability Team where much of
my focus is on the development and implementation of local policies on sustainable energy, climate change mitigation and adaptation. I also work on the development of heat networks and renewable heat
as part of a broader strategy to decarbonise heat within Bristol.


BSc (Hons) Applied Physics with Electronics
MSc Environmental Resources

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Research interests

I am interested in how we can develop and implement local and national policies on energy and climate change which stimulate the transition to renewable heat and power. And particularly how to do this in the context of rapid technological innovation, a changing energy market and shifting political priorities. Given my current role I have a specific interest in how local government can develop and implement effective policies in the light of conflicting local and national priorities and constraints.

My PhD research is focusing on understanding and evaluating the policy implications of low cost battery energy storage in combination with renewable energy, deployed at scale within cities and urban areas, and how to optimise the benefits progressively, such that these don’t come at the expense of those on low incomes. I also want to explore the capacity of local and national policy frameworks and the energy market to respond to technological innovation and change in the shift to low carbon energy systems.

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