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Mr Mehdi Bagheri-Gavkosh

Mr Mehdi Bagheri-Gavkosh

PhD Research Student

 CREWW Building 


Mehdi joined the Centre for Resilience in Environment, Water and Waste (CREWW), University of Exeter as a Ph.D. student in May 2023. His PhD research mainly focus on Natural Flood Management Solutions.

Before he starts his PhD in Exeter, Mehdi graduated with a bachelor degree in water engineering in 2015 from Lorestan University, Iran. He also received his M.Sc. in the field of water resources engineering from the University of Tehran, Iran in 2017.

Since finishing his degrees, he has done some research about flooding, flood seasonalityflood risk,  water management, groundwater, Participatory groundwater management and land subsidence, published in prestigious scientific journals including STOTEN and cleaner production.

Mehdi has also been a teacher assistant in different universities and had some collaborations in applied projects about surface water-groundwater interactions and aquifer storage and recovery management. 


MSc Water Resources Engineering- University of Tehran, Iran
BSc Water Engineering - Lorestan University, Iran


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Research projects

Optimising Multiple Natural flood Management Solutions

Supervisors: Prof. Richard Brazier, Dr. Diego Panici, Dr. Alan Puttock

Funding Body: DIRP Project

Flooding is one of most damaging phenomena around the globe that affect humans’ life and economy. So, practical solutions should be used in order to decrease its dire consequences. The Natural Flood Management is an approach, called from nature to nature, has been implemented across the world. Although this useful solution has Hydrological (Flood Reduction, Water storage and Water quality), ecological (Infiltration, Biodiversity and Sediment capture) and socio-economical (Sustainable, flexible, Acceptable, Environmental-friendly) advantages, its gaps cannot be neglected.

In this project this team tries to do a comprehensive study so as to address the knowledge gap that surrounds decision-making around NFM solutions, quantifying which approaches are best, where and characterising the differences that each approach might deliver in terms of flood attenuation and water storage. Working across a wide range of field sites, and deploying a Multi-site, Before, After, Control, Impact experimental design, this research will deliver enhanced empirical understanding of Natural Flood Management approaches.

This project involves an exciting interdisciplinary collaboration between experienced researchers at the University of Exeter, the University of Plymouth, Devon County Council, the EA and multiple other project partners.

Broad research specialisms:

His academic interests include Flooding, Hydrology, Flood Seasonality, Water Management, Groundwater, Land Subsidence, River-Groundwater Interactions, Aquifer Storage and Recovery Management and Societal Issues in Water.

Research Group


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Journal articles

Rashidi Shikhteymour S, Borji M, Bagheri-Gavkosh M, Azimi E, Collins TW (2023). A novel approach for assessing flood risk with machine learning and multi-criteria decision-making methods. Applied Geography, 158, 103035-103035.
Bagheri-Gavkosh M, Hosseini SM (2023). Flood Seasonality Analysis in Iran: a Circular Statistics Approach. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 28(2).
Valizadeh N, Bagheri-Gavkosh M, Bijani M, Hayati D (2022). Application of social identity models of collective action to facilitate participation in groundwater aquifer storage and recovery management. Frontiers in Psychology, 13 Abstract.
Hosseini FS, Choubin B, Bagheri‐Gavkosh M, Karimi O, Taromideh F, Mako C (2022). Susceptibility Assessment of Groundwater Nitrate Contamination Using an Ensemble Machine Learning Approach. Groundwater, 61(4), 510-516. Abstract.
Bagheri-Gavkosh M, Hosseini SM, Ataie-Ashtiani B, Sohani Y, Ebrahimian H, Morovat F, Ashrafi S (2021). Land subsidence: a global challenge. Science of the Total Environment, 778, 146193-146193.
Parizi E, Bagheri-Gavkosh M, Hosseini SM, Geravand F (2021). Linkage of geographically weighted regression with spatial cluster analyses for regionalization of flood peak discharges drivers: Case studies across Iran. Journal of Cleaner Production, 310, 127526-127526.
Bagheri M, Kholghi M, Hosseini SM, Amiraslani F, Hoorfar A (2020). Participatory approach in Aquifer Storage and Recovery management in Arid zones, does it work?. Groundwater for Sustainable Development, 10, 100368-100368.

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Mehdi has helped different faculties of University of Tehran as a Postgraduate Teaching Associate on the following modules:

  • GEO3321 - BSc Dissertation - Prof. Andrew Nicholas
  • GEO1312 - Fieldwork in Physical Geography - Dr. Kees Jan van Groenigen
  • GEOM143 - Global Systems Thinking - Dr. James Dyke
  • GEO3230 - Tropical Forests in a Changing World - Dr. Ted Feldpausch
  • GEO2232 - The Cryosphere - Dr. Steven Palmer
  • GEO2135 - In/visible spaces of modern life - Dr. Roger Auster
  • Enquiring Hydrology, Department of Irrigation and Remediation, University of Tehran (January 2021 – June 2021)
  • Groundwater, Department of Irrigation and Remediation, University of Tehran (January 2020 – June 2020)
  • Water Resource Management, Department of RS & GIS, University of Tehran (January 2019 – June 2019)
  • Hydrology, Department of Physical Geography, University of Tehran (January 2018 – June 2018)

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