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Dr Rachel Turner

Dr Rachel Turner

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science

 01326 259251

 Environment and Sustainability Institute 0.13


Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


I am an environmental social scientist focusing on marine resource governance and coastal communities. My research focuses on understanding how socio-economic and environmental contexts drive resource use behavior and have implications for management and governance systems. I am interested in the dynamics of social-ecological systems and how resource users respond to change, and am committed to interdisciplinary research addressing challenges of sustainable natural resource management. Recent research has explored marine resource dependence and identification of supportive governance structures for effective Caribbean coral reef management. Current work in the UK focuses on wellbeing of fishers and fishing communities with a focus on health.

I am a member of the Environment and Sustainability Institute and of the Centre for Geography and Environmental Science in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.


2010 PhD Social and environmental drivers of fishers’ spatial behaviour in the Northumberland Lobster Fishery (Newcastle University)
2005 MSc Tropical Coastal Management (Newcastle University)
2003 BSc Development Studies (University of East Anglia)


2018 Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science, University of Exeter

2014 Lecturer in Environmental Social Science, University of Exeter

2010 Research Associate, University of the West Indies

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Research interests

  • Coastal and marine resources
  • Natural resource management and governance
  • Resource-use behaviour and decision-making
  • Perceptions of and responses to environmental change
  • Social-ecological systems
  • Interdisciplinary research methods

Research projects

  • English Marine Spatial Planning and the Ocean Health Index
  • Delivering a Marine Protected Area network for fisheries and biodiversity of Central Africa 
  • Health and hidden vulnerability in UK fishing communities

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Journal articles

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Monnereau I, Mahon R, McConney P, Nurse L, Turner R, Vallès H (2021). Fisheries Sector Vulnerabilities to Climate Change in Small Island Developing States. In  (Ed) Small Island Developing States, Springer Nature, 233-255.
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Wills J, Turner R, Collins C, Honeybun-Arnolda E (2022). A Civic Lantern to engage civic and civil society in goal-setting for sustainability in Cornwall: a research report.  Penryn, Cornwall, Environment and Sustainability Institute. Abstract.
Wills J, Turner R, Collins C, Mukhopadhyay R (2022). Annual Review of the Cornwall Plan (2021-2022). Research into partnerships and collaborative working for the delivery of the Cornwall Plan. Cornwall Council,  Penryn, Cornwall, Environment and Sustainability Institute. Abstract.
Wills J, Turner R, Collins C, Honeybun-Arnolda E, Mukhopadhyay R (2022). Localising and decentralising goal-based governance for sustainability in England: Policy summary.  Penryn, Cornwall, Environment and Sustainability Institute. Abstract.
Turner R, Blundell A, Collins C, Exeter O, Wills J (2021). Sustainable Development in Cornwall: Local Perspectives on Challenges and Opportunities. Penryn, Cornwall, Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter. 72 pages.
Turner R, Poznansky F, Smirthwaite N, Blundell A, Benson D, Gaston K, Hamshar J, Maclean I, Wills J, Yan X, et al (2020). Towards a sustainable Cornwall: State of the Doughnut. Penryn, Cornwall, Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter. 71 pages. Abstract.
Bicknell A, Turner R, Metcalfe K, Doherty P, Callow M, Witt M (2016). Field manual for socio-economic, fisheries & marine vertebrate surveys in Myanmar.
Birth F, Pikesley S, Bicknell A, Callow M, Doherty P, Exeter O, Kerry C, Metcalfe K, Turner R, Witt M, et al (2016). Myanmar Marine Biodiversity Atlas.

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