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Dr Rebecca Varney

Dr Rebecca Varney

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 Laver Building 901


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on ESA LUISA and CALISPO projects with Prof. Stephen SitchDr Nina Raoult and Prof. Pierre Friedlingstein. My research focus is on using data assimilation techniques with the UK Land Suface Model JULES to improve the representation of vegetation under climate extremes.

Previously, I was part of the 4C project working with Prof. Peter Cox and Prof. Pierre Friedlingstein on emergent constraints on carbon and biogeochemical feedbacks under climate change. In 2022, I completed my PhD at the University of Exeter with Prof. Peter Cox and Dr Sarah Chadburn, where my research focused on understanding the response of soil carbon to climate change, with a specific aim to quantify and reduce the uncertainty associated with future Earth system model projections within CMIP.

XCS Seminar Coordinator

Additionally, I am the coordinator of internal Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) research group seminars here at Exeter, which run on Friday's during term time. Please do not hesitate to email me if you are interested in giving a seminar or would like any further information.


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PhD Mathematics (University of Exeter)

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Journal articles

Cox PM, Williamson MS, Friedlingstein P, Jones CD, Raoult N, Rogelj J, Varney RM (2024). Emergent constraints on carbon budgets as a function of global warming. Nature Communications, 15(1). Abstract.
Varney RM, Chadburn SE, Burke EJ, Jones S, Wiltshire AJ, Cox PM (2023). Simulated responses of soil carbon to climate change in CMIP6 Earth system models: the role of false priming. Biogeosciences, 20(18), 3767-3790. Abstract.
Varney RM, Chadburn SE, Burke EJ, Cox PM (2022). Evaluation of soil carbon simulation in CMIP6 Earth system models. Biogeosciences, 19(19), 4671-4704. Abstract.
Varney RM, Chadburn SE, Friedlingstein P, Burke EJ, Koven CD, Hugelius G, Cox PM (2020). A spatial emergent constraint on the sensitivity of soil carbon turnover to global warming. Nature Communications, 11(1). Abstract.

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