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Dr Ricardo Safra de Campos

Dr Ricardo Safra de Campos

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography


 (01392) 724404

 Amory C356b


Amory Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ , UK


Ricardo Safra de Campos is Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Exeter. He is a population geographer working on the spatial mobility dimensions of human interaction with environmental change, with a focus on migration, sustainability and wellbeing. He has collaborate with leading social, environmental and economic scientists across several competitively funded international research projects. His work has been published in interdisciplinary journals including Nature Climate Change, Global Environmental Change, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, and discipline-specific such as Population, Space and Place. He is a contributing author on Chapter 4: Sea Level Rise and Implications for Low-Lying Islands, Coasts and Communities of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. Ricardo gave expert oral evidence on migration and climate change to EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee of the UK’s House of Lords in 2020. He serves on the advisory board of international research and policy initiatives on climate-related displacement in Africa (Shaping the Future of Mobility in Africa, unders the auspeces of UNDP and the World Bank) and Asia (Bangladesh’s Action Plan for the implementation of National Strategy on Internal Displacement). Ricardo is on the editorial board for the journals Climatic Change, Springer; and PLOSClimate, PLOS, and Climate Mobilities, Frontiers in Climate. He is also a member of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Steering Group at the University of Exeter.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Demographic transition
  • Spatial mobility associated with environmental change and sustainability
  • Migration and urbanisation in developing countries
  • Multi-methods research design
  • Climate Change adaptation


Fellow of UK Higher Education Academy (2021)

PhD in Human Geography, University of Queensland, Australia (2016)

BA in Geography (with Hons), Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Brazil (2009)

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Research projects

  • 2022-2025 IDRC Climate Justice call Pincipal Investigator on project 'Just and resilient planned relocation from climate change'
  • 2020-2024 EC Horizon 2020, Deputy Lead Work Package 1 Socio-Ecological Systems, Climate Impact and Tipping Points on project HABITABLE - Linking Climate Change, Habitability and Social Tipping Points: Scenarios for Climate Migration
  • 2019 GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC) call Capacity Development Acceleration Fund and Visiting Fellow Exchange Programme, Principal Investigator on project ‘Power of partnership: Voices of residents & city planners as sources of innovation for sustainable urban governance’.
  • 2018-2021 Belmont/NORFACE call Transformations to Sustainability Co-Investigator on project ‘Migration, Transformation and Sustainability (MISTY)’.
  • 2017-2019 ESRC-DfID call Development Frontiers Co-Investigator on project ‘Safe and Sustainable Cities: Human Security, Migration and Wellbeing’.
  • 2016-2019 IDRC-DfID Lead researcher work package on migration, displacement and planned relocation on project 'Deltas and Climate Change: Migration and Adaptation' (DECCMA)

Research networks

  • 2019 – present: Member of the university's Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Strategy Group

Research grants

  • 2019 Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods
    This knowledge mobilisation project employs a deliberative method to integrate the lived experiences and views of urban populations as sources of innovation into planning processes for sustainability. It builds on an innovative approach that includes co-designed visual participatory and perspective-taking activities in Chattogram, a rapidly growing city in Bangladesh.
  • 2019 International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
    Open research data initiative

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Journal articles

Adger WN, Fransen S, Safra de Campos R, Clark WC (2024). Migration and sustainable development. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 121(3). Abstract.
Adger WN, Fransen S, Safra de Campos R, Clark WC (2024). Scientific frontiers on migration and sustainability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 121(3).
Parsons L, Safra De Campos R, Moncaster A, Siddiqui T, Cook I, Jayasinghe AB, Billah T, Pratik M, Abenayake C (2022). Trading disaster: containers & container thinking in the production of climate precarity. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 47(4), 990-1008. Abstract.
Adger WN, de Campos RS, Codjoe SNA, Siddiqui T, Hazra S, Das S, Adams H, Gavonel MF, Mortreux C, Abu M, et al (2021). Perceived environmental risks and insecurity reduce future migration intentions in hazardous migration source areas. One Earth, 4(1), 146-157.
Das S, Hazra S, Haque A, Rahman M, Nicholls RJ, Ghosh A, Ghosh T, Salehin M, Safra de Campos R (2021). Social vulnerability to environmental hazards in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta, India and Bangladesh. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 53, 101983-101983.
Franco Gavonel M, Adger WN, Safra de Campos R, Boyd E, Carr ER, Fábos A, Fransen S, Jolivet D, Zickgraf C, Codjoe SNA, et al (2021). The migration-sustainability paradox: transformations in mobile worlds. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 49, 98-109.
Speelman LH, Nicholls RJ, Safra de Campos R (2021). The role of migration and demographic change in small island futures. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 30(3), 282-311. Abstract.
Cundill G, Singh C, Adger WN, Safra de Campos R, Vincent K, Tebboth M, Maharjan A (2021). Toward a climate mobilities research agenda: Intersectionality, immobility, and policy responses. Global Environmental Change, 69, 102315-102315.
Szaboova L, Safra de Campos R, Adger WN, Abu M, Codjoe SNA, Franco Gavonel M, Das S, Siddiqui T, Rocky MH, Hazra S, et al (2021). Urban sustainability and the subjective well‐being of migrants: the role of risks, place attachment, and aspirations. Population, Space and Place, 28(1). Abstract.
Adger WN, Safra de Campos R, Siddiqui T, Szaboova L (2020). Commentary: Inequality, precarity and sustainable ecosystems as elements of urban resilience. Urban Studies, 57(7), 1588-1595. Abstract.
Adger WN, de Campos RS, Siddiqui T, Gavonel MF, Szaboova L, Rocky MH, Bhuiyan MRA, Billah T (2020). Human security of urban migrant populations affected by length of residence and environmental hazards. Journal of Peace Research, 58(1), 50-66. Abstract.
Das S, Ghosh A, Hazra S, Ghosh T, Safra de Campos R, Samanta S (2020). Linking IPCC AR4 & AR5 frameworks for assessing vulnerability and risk to climate change in the Indian Bengal Delta. Progress in Disaster Science, 7, 100110-100110.
Maharjan A, de Campos RS, Singh C, Das S, Srinivas A, Bhuiyan MRA, Ishaq S, Umar MA, Dilshad T, Shrestha K, et al (2020). Migration and Household Adaptation in Climate-Sensitive Hotspots in South Asia. Current Climate Change Reports, 6(1), 1-16. Abstract.
Siddiqui T, Szaboova L, Adger WN, Safra de Campos R, Bhuiyan MRA, Billah T (2020). Policy Opportunities and Constraints for Addressing Urban Precarity of Migrant Populations. Global Policy, 12(S2), 91-105. Abstract.
Adger WN, Boyd E, Fábos A, Fransen S, Jolivet D, Neville G, de Campos RS, Vijge MJ (2019). Migration transforms the conditions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Lancet Planetary Health, 3(11), e440-e442.
Conway D, Nicholls RJ, Brown S, Tebboth MGL, Adger WN, Ahmad B, Biemans H, Crick F, Lutz AF, De Campos RS, et al (2019). The need for bottom-up assessments of climate risks and adaptation in climate-sensitive regions. Nature Climate Change, 9(7), 503-511. Abstract.
Mortreux C, Safra de Campos R, Adger WN, Ghosh T, Das S, Adams H, Hazra S (2018). Political economy of planned relocation: a model of action and inaction in government responses. Global Environmental Change, 50, 123-132.
Safra de Campos R, Bell M, Charles-Edwards E (2017). Collecting and Analysing Data on Climate-related Local Mobility: the MISTIC Toolkit. Population, Space and Place, 23(6). Abstract.


Adger N, Safra De Campos R (2020). Climate change disruptions to migration systems. In Bastia T, Skeldon R (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Migration and Development, London: Routledge, 382-395. Abstract.
Vincent K, Safra De Campos R, Lazar A, Begum A (2020). Gender, migration and environmental change in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta in Bangladesh. In  (Ed) Engendering Climate Change Learnings from South Asia, Routledge Chapman & Hall, 152-171. Abstract.
Safra De Campos R, Codjoe S, Adger N, Mortreux C, Hazra S, Siddiqui T, Das S, Atiglo Y, Bhuiyan R, Rocky MH, et al (2020). Where People Live and Move in Deltas. In Nicholls R, Adger WN, Hutton C, Hanson S (Eds.) Deltas in the Anthropocene, London: Palgrave, 153-177.
Adger N, Safra De Campos R, Mortreux C (2018). Mobility, displacement and migration and their interactions with vulnerability and adaptation to environmental risks. In McLeman R, Gemenne F (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Environmental Displacement and Migration, London: Routledge, 29-41.


Parsons L, Safra De Campos R, Moncaster A, Cook I, Siddiqui T, Abenayake C, Jayasinghe AB, Pratik M, Scungio L, Billah T, et al (2021). Disaster trade: the hidden footprint of UK production overseas. Egham, Royal Holloway, University of London. 111 pages.

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External Engagement and Impact

Editorial responsibilities

  • 2023 - present: Member of the UK Young Academy
  • 2022 - present: Review Editor for Climate Mobilities, Fontiers Climate
  • 2021 - present: Associate Deputy Editor for Climatic Change, Springer
  • 2021 - present: Editorial Board PLOSClimate
  • 2016 – present: Peer Reviewer for Nature Climate Change,Global Environmental ChangeLocal EnvironmentClimate and Development, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Disasters Journal and several others.
  • 2016 – present: Editorial content reviewer for Thomas Riggs & Company and Cengage Learning.

Significant Impact

2018 – 2020: IPCC Contributing Author on Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere.

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Supervision / Group

Research Fellows

  • Nicholas Marais Reyneke Exploring socially marginalised youth voices within social-ecological systems to understand youth resilience towards environmental risk

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Oana Stefancu

Postgraduate researchers

  • Liam Berrisford
  • Nicholas Marais Reyneke
  • Oana Stefancu
  • Tabby Watson

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Office Hours:

Office hours for Term 1 of the 2023-24 academic year:

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