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Dr Richard Stones

Dr Richard Stones

Honorary Research Fellow



Independent consultant for various conservation and development NGOs, with a strong record in evolving and driving resilient strategies, innovating new revenue streams, developing effective partnerships and engaging local communities and young people.

A business leader with over 25 years expertise as a corporate director, entrepreneur and consultant in global markets; including Scandinavia, Europe, Africa and US. 

Academic portfolio focuses on innovation and impact; developing a new model of CSR for sustainable outcomes. Focus to landscape protection and national parks.

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Research interests

As a Honorary Research Fellow I will be progressing my innovative and agenda setting research work in CSR and sustainable development. This engages with the CLES, Environment & Sustainability Group’s aim ‘…to undertake interdisciplinary research on frontier issues of environment and sustainability…’ and contributes to their themes of ecosystem services and sustainable consumption. My on-going research builds from the work of my PhD, advancing a new paradigm of CSR, which is developing a contemporary and more robust process of socio-ecological responsibility and sustainable development. It engages inter- and cross-disciplinary issues, most notably with economic and environmental geographies and business management, and it engages both academics and practitioners to advance new processes of resilience, within both the natural and built environments.

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