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Dr Sean Carter

Dr Sean Carter

Associate Professor in Political Geography and Deputy Head of Department


 Amory C356a


Amory Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ , UK


Sean teaches and researches in the broad field of Political Geography, with specific interests in the intersection between culture and geopolitics.

Broad research specialisms:

Political and Cultural Geography; Critical Geopolitics, especially geopolitics and visuality and ludic geopolitics; The geographies and politics of diaspora; Geographies of Authoritarianism


BA Geography and Development Studies (University of Sussex)
MSc Society & Space (Geography, Univeristy of Bristol)
PhD 'The Geopolitics of Diaspora' (Geography, University of Bristol)

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Research interests

Sean’s research interests lies at the intersection of cultural and political geography. In particular, research has been undertaken in the area of popular culture and geopolitics, initially through an engagment with film and geopolitics; more recently through a major ESRC-funded project on 'Ludic Geopolitics'. Work is also ongoing on photojournalism as a particular way of framing and reporting on global geopolitical moments (specifically the early Cold War). Previous research has included work on the Geopolitics of Diaspora, with specific reference to the Croatian diaspora during the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Sean is the Convenor of the department’s Space, Politics & Society research group, and is a past Chair of the RGS/IBG Political Geography Research Group.

Research projects

2013-2015 'Ludic Geopolitics' funded by the ESRC (Co-I), working with Dr Tara Woodyer, Portsmouth University (PI), and Prof Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway (CI)


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Journal articles

Featherstone D, Carter S, Sylvester C, Belcher O, Rogers A, Ingram A (2022). REVIEW FORUM Reading Alan Ingram’s Geopolitics and the Event: Rethinking Britain’s Iraq War Through Art, RGS-IBG Book Series 2019 Wiley Blackwell Chichester 224 bibliog.; index ISBN 9781119426059 £24.99. Political Geography, 95
Woodyer T, Carter S (2020). Domesticating the Geopolitical: Rethinking Popular Geopolitics through Play. Geopolitics, 25(5), 1050-1074. Abstract.
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Carter S, Woodyer T (2023). Childhood, playing war, and militarism: beyond discourses of domination/resistance and towards an ethics of encounter. In Beier JM, Berents H (Eds.) Children, Childhoods, and Global Politics, Bristol: Bristol University Press.
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External Engagement and Impact

Committee/panel activities

Past Chair of the RGS/IBG Political Geography Research Group

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Supervision / Group

Postgraduate researchers


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Office Hours:

Term 2 Office Hours

Mondays 4.30-5.30 (except weeks 9 and 11: Tuesday 2.00-3.00 instead)

Fridays 2.00-3.00 (no Friday office hour in week 11)

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