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Mr Will Bugg

Mr Will Bugg

MPH Geography


 Laver Building 


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


My passion has always been biodiversity and nature. I love to travel and visit areas where nature inspires. More recently I have become really interested in the idea of rewilding and how that shows the potential of positive tipping points and natures ability to bounce back. Importantly, I also notice the role that the economy and policiy play in conservation today. Thus, I believe that an interdisciplinary approach to biodiversity protection must be taken to make a real difference. 

My research at the University of exeter ill be done alongside the Global Systems Insititute (GSI), RENEW and J.O Hambro Capital Management. I will researhcing how ecosystem resilience influences how businesses and biodiversity impact each other. Therefore, discovering what risks loss in biodiversity has on businesses and also how businesses can reduce their impact on biodiversity and the environment. 


MSci Natural Science (Biology)


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