Promoting Sustainable Travel


Promoting Sustainable Travel

A Social Marketing Approach


Project Description

ProST is an Economic and Social Research Council funded two year research project. It aims to explore the motivations and barriers encountered by individuals for adopting more ‘sustainable’ forms of travel behaviour in a range of lifestyle contexts, including travel for work, leisure and holidays.

Through a series of questionnaire and focus groups analyses with the public, the research will examine the links between different forms of travel behaviour to develop a greater understanding of what constitute ‘travel practices’.

On the basis of these ‘practices’, the research will use segmentation analysis to identify a series of lifestyle groups who share similar travel habits, exploring the factors that influence the behaviour of these individuals. These factors can then be used to explore the value of ‘social marketing’ as a way of promoting more sustainable travel amongst different groups in society.

Social marketing necessitates a focus on the specific barriers individuals encounter within the context of their lifestyle choices and aspirations and seeks to promote behaviour change through positive marketing and branding strategies rather than negative campaigning. Using wide stakeholder engagement, the research will seek to uncover the factors that influence a highly complex set of behaviours related to travel in the UK and will explore practical measures for changing current practices amongst different lifestyle groups.

Project Runtime
Start: January 2008
End: December 2009

Dr. Stewart Barr
Jan Prillwitz

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