Research seminars

Throughout the course of the year we run a series of research seminars in both human and physical geography across Penryn and Streatham campuses. These seminars cover a wide range of topics and attract guest speakers from across the UK as well speakers from the discipline.

These seminars provide students and academics from across the University with a platform to meet and discuss the latest topics in geography.

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27 February 202012:30

Physical Geography Research Seminar

Speaker: Suzette Flantua, University of Bergen, will present on "The fingerprint of long-term climate change on mountain biodiversity: a palaeoecological perspective on stability and variability in the tropics". Full details
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5 March 202012:30

Physical Geography Research Seminar

Speaker: Maria Fernanda Sachez Goñi, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Paris, France, presenting on "Orbital and millennial scale climate variability". Full details
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12 March 202016:30

Human Geography Evening Seminar

Speaker: Andrew Barry, UCL, presenting on "Chemical Geography". Full details
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19 March 202012:30

Human Geography Research Seminar

Speaker: Kim Peters, University of Liverpool, presenting on "Beyond the Box: Invisible infrastructures, maritime motorways and the making of global mobilities". Full details
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