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Daisy Curtis

PhD Research Student

 Amory c360


Amory Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ , UK


In 2018 Daisy began her ESRC (1+3) funded PhD under the supervision of Dr Pepe Romanillos and Dr Sean Carter. Daisy's PhD research focuses upon 5G technology, the next generation of wireless network. The provisional title of the thesis is Digital Geographies of the 5G mobile network: An exploration of the narratives and experiences of increasing interconnectivity. The PhD research aims to critically explore some of the major themes bound up with the development of this new technology, with a focus upon the materiality of the 5G network regarding infrastructural requirements, challenges and concerns; geopolitical and security issues related to the development of the network; as well as the narratives that 5G will be 'transformative' by providing a foundation for further technological development. This research will seek to engage with proponents of 5G technology as well as potential users to provide an insight into how people make sense of, and engage with, this developing technology.

Prior to this, Daisy completed her BA Geography degree at Exeter, during which time she developed an interest in a number of areas of Geography. Her undergraduate dissertation was entitled 'Culture of Smartphones': an exploration of the meanings and practices of smartphones. This research provided an insight into the complex ways in which smartphones are imbued with meanings and their varied uses as part of everyday practices, as well as how they are situated within broader narratives about technology. For her work on the BA Geography degree one of the prizes Daisy was awarded was the Lewis Memorial Prize for her academic performance over the three years.

Following her BA Geography degree Daisy undertook the MRes in Critical Human Geographies at Exeter which was funded by the ESRC (1+3). During this degree Daisy sought to focus upon other areas of Geographical research, which developed into a dissertation entitled “Dr Pepper tastes like purple”: an exploration of synaesthesia and Geography's engagement with the phenomenon. This research explored how synaesthetes make sense of, and narrate their experiences, and also argued that Geography needs to better attend to the complexity and diversity of synaesthesia as a phenomenon in and of itself. For her work within the MRes degree Daisy was awarded a Dean’s Commendation for exceptional performance.


Throughout her time studying within the Exeter Geography department Daisy has been engaged with equality, diversity, inclusivity, and wellbeing work. This has involved representing students on the Geography Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, and working alongside staff across the university, as well as the Students' Guild. Daisy continues to be involved in this area of work as a PGR Inclusivity and Wellbeing representative.

Broad research specialisms

I am interested in diverse areas of Geographical research, and I have broad research specialisms in digital turn/digital geographies, cultural geography, geopolitics, as well as discourse analysis, and visual analysis.


BA Geography - First Class (Hons) - University of Exeter
MRes in Critical Human Geographies - Distinction - University of Exeter

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